Marquee Pitching Duel

The big game of the day today, as far as pitching goes, is the Mets-Phillies game.  Yesterday in Game 1 of this weekend series, the Mets offense soared behind the strong start of Jon Niese.  Jeff Franoeur and David Wright Homered once each.  Wright’s a two run shot in the third innning of Kyle Kendrick and Frenchy’s was a solo shot for some insurance runs later in the game.  The Mets catcher Rod Barajas shot two out of the park.  One off the left field foul pole. 

Back to the pitching matchup yes.  Doc Hallady against Big Pelf.  Roy Halladay is one of the most dominant pitchers in all of baseball.  This season, he has already thrown two complete games, one of them a shutout.  He is 4-1 on the season, his only loss against the San Francisco Giants.  On the other side of the ruber, we have Mike Pelfrey.  Big Pelf has been the most dominant pitcher on the Mets pitching staff so far this season.  Starting the season at 4-0, he also has a WHIP at 1.192 and a LEAGUE LEADING 0.69 ERA.  Of course that ERA of his might be inflated by the end of the day, playing his first game against the Phils in Citizens Bank Park.

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