One Day of May

For both the Yankees and the Mets, today was a disaster. 

The Yanks suffered a one run loss to the Chisox.  The worst issue they were handed today was a groin strain inflicted upon Curtis Granderson.  This will keep him out of the lineup and a possible trip to the DL is there as well.  Their bullpen couldnt keep it together allowing  two important insurance runs after their starter left.  This starter of course being Javy Vazquez.  Mind you all out there rooting for the Yanks and not for Javy, Vazquez went 15-10 with 219.1 IP, 238 strikeouts, and an ERA under 3(2.87) for Atlanta last season.  Maybe he should be back in the National League??  Who knows maybe he won’t even leave New York in the switch.  I mean if Ollie Perez explodes in our face AGAIN!

Speaking of the Mets, May has been pretty rough on them too.  Of course, you can attribute some of this toughness to Doc Halladay.  Without a doubt, one of the top five pitchers in the NL, the Doctor recorded his second shutout of 2010.  this time, he only struck out 6 Mets.  Another cause of this pain for the Mets was Big Pelf turing in a big inning.  In the bottom of the fourth on Saturday, Philladelphia put up a six spot.  RBI’s for Jason werth, two for Juan Castro on a double, and of course, the leadoff hitter, Shane Victorino hit a shot off of Pelfrey with Carlos Ruiz and Halladay on base.

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