Mini Camp Updates

The NFL is having their 1st Rookie Mini Camp and there are definitely some big names with big stories as the new kids get their 1st taste of the Big Leagues. We’ll start with one of my favorites….the highly debated Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow ,QB, Broncos– He was the surprise pick of the 2010 draft going to the Broncos in the 1st round ahead of Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy. Head Coach Josh McDaniels said “He’s got all the things you can’t teach a quarter back”. I agree with McDaniels 100% because the proof’s in the pudding in that Tebow has one where ever he has played. The mini camo has gone well with Tebow who has Denver officials excited with the progress he has made. My guess is that Tebow will be playing a lot of QB in the preseason and they will create what I like to call “The Stallion” with Big Ol’ number 15 leading the way. Next on my list is Big D’s big mouth wideout Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant,WR,Cowboys– In the 1990’s Jerry Jones made a mistake that he deeply regrets…. That mistake was passing on now all-pro WR Randy Moss. He saw the same situation with Ok States dropout Wideout. Bryant was kicked out of Oklahoma State when he had too much of an influence from former NFL star Dion Sanders. Bryant was an absolute beast with the lil Cowboys of Ok State and Jerry Jones thinks he can produce in the NFL. He has had some controversy this week with an interview that he had with a Dolphins executive where he followed up a question by answering that “His father was a Pimp”. Bryant denies this of course but I honestly don’t see this being the only trouble he stirs up in Big D.Next is the 1st overall pick Sam Bradford.

Sam Bradford,QB,Rams– With their 1st overall pick in the 2010 draft the 1-15 St.Louis Rams selected Sam Bradford out of Oklahoma. He will be the Rams future and for the 1st time since injuring his shoulder he put on his helmet and threw around in a set drill.  He will wear the Number 8 in honor of his idol Troy Aikman. Bradford looked good and has St.Louis Coach Steve Spagnuolo happy.I still like this pick and think that the Rams will win 7 games this year.

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