Boston Masscare 2010

This weekend has been talked about for quiet some time now…. Yeah it was going to be the Nations climb towards redemption with a sweep of their hated rivals The Yankees. Well that flat-out hasn’t happened!! The Sawx have lived up to their reputation of having a brutal pitching staff with 24 earned runs in 2 games and only have scored 6 runs against the Bombers who are clicking at the right time….(What else is new!!!) Anyway I am not here to be a bias fan, I am here to say facts that many people will not like or approve of but all I have to say is “The Proofs in da pudding” or have you seen the last two games!! What is really different about the Red Sox is that they are missing Ellsbury who is usually electrifying has been injured and has left a gaping hole in front of “DA Monster”  leaving a weak Bill Hall or average Jeremy Hermida out there. Also their staff is just lets face it… TERRIBLE!!! With Beckett having a control problem, Lester not going the distance and Dice-K and Wakefield Forget about it they’re both scrubs who don’t deserve to be on an American League team. Maybe they could survive in the weaker NL but since the highly not hitable yet extremely overrated “Gyro Ball” has stopped its effectiveness Dice-K has been trash or rubbish as the Nation refers to him. And Wakefield just doesn’t look comfortable or content with what Sox manager Terry Francona and Pitching Coach John Farrell want him to do.

Not So Big papi

Unfortunately for the Sox the upcoming schedule is not friendly to them with Toronto coming into Bean Town to battle for 3rd place in the division then they travel to Detroit to battle Johnny Damon and the Tigers. And if that’s not bad enough they will have 2 games at the Stadium with the Yankees who are currently on a 6 game tear of power and production from unlikely sources. Sources like Fransisco Cervelli, Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner??? Yes all three of these pieces to the puzzle if you will are hitting over .300 and have 15 RBI’s a piece. And the pitching of Phil Hughes, A.J. Burnett and C.C. Sabathia certainly doesn’t hurt the cause either with all 3 being 100% dominant the Yanks have everything clicking at just the right time. Although things don’t look good up Boston I still ain’t counting them out yet as much as I wish I could but they have to good and to experienced of a ball club to not make a run at the Yanks and Rays and it is also a 162 game season so there’s plenty of time to play catch up. Until next time I’m out like Big Tex’s 3 dingers today!!!!!


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