Let The James Begin!!

There are a select few people in  the world who can make millions upon millions of dollars in their 1st few years out of High School. LeBron James, the face of the Association right now is one of those select few. LBJ is currently pocketing around $15 Million and will probably have close to 25 to 27 Mill from wherever he decides to go. This sweepstakes is incomparable to any other free agent biding war in the history of competitive sports and it should be. LeBron clearly has the biggest impact on any franchise in the NBA which is why the Cavs are trying so hard to keep him. The value of that “Nothing” franchise has gone up by at least 35% since they made the home-grown phenom their 1st overall selection back in the 2003 NBA Draft. There are as of right now not counting Cleveland 5 major bidders in this so important auction. Bidders include: Bulls(Chicago), Clippers (L A), Knicks (NYC), Nets (Jersey/ Brooklyn) and Heat (Miami). There are positive and negative aspects to all of these big market clubs. Here’s my ranking of the “Akron Hammer”‘s options from 1st to worst.  

Should I stay or Should I go??????


  1. Miami Heat– Definitely the best out of all the teams bidding the South Florida market and possibility of teaming up with Team USA teammate Dwayne Wade the Heat look very attractive to King James. From a financial standpoint the Heat have more than enough room to please LBJ with only 5 set contracts to pay and a player option on D-wade who many people are saying will end up in the same place as LeBron. All and all this sounds like the best place for him.              
  2. New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets– With one of  the lowest payroll in the Association the Nets look like another place where we could see a LeBron sighting. The Nets are scheduled to play in Newark this year but could ultimately end up in Brooklyn which is the home of part owner Sean Carter (aka: Jay-Z); who has a very good friendship with LeBron and most likely the 1st Overall Pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. I mean imagine a team which isn’t the worst team player wise already with LeBron and either Forward  Evan Turner or play making guard John Wall added to a team that has a 6-11 monster in Brook Lopez and a versatile guard in Devon Harris. I cam see Lebron end up in the Garden state if the excitement of South Beach is too much for him.
  3. New York Knicks-My Team the New York Knickerbockers have been so dredfully bad for lets say oooh… 7 years now. But it can all change with this offseason and all order might have a shot at being restored at a renivated MSG with 2 prime free agents and LeBron James is ofcousrse their number 1 target. What the Knicks posses that no other team really has to offer is the best chance of bringing in another star studed free agent (Chris Bosh,Amare Stodimare or even Tyson Chandler). Also they do have the best venue in MSG for a star such as the King or another big name guy. Unfortuantly for Spike Lee and Company I don’t see LBJ coming to the NYC but I do see another All-Star or 2 dawning the Blue and Orange Uni’s when next season rolls in.
  4. Chicago Bulls– The Bulls…. They out of all the contenders have the best team in tact with up and coming stars like Derek Rose and Joakim Noah the Bulls were contenders this season. The Bulls have been in search of another star since Michael Jordan announced his 1st retirement and they might have it with Derek Rose but everyone knows what their heart beats every now and then…. LeBron…LeBron….LeBron! And honestly I think that they have a shot not as good as the 3 organizations ahead of them but if LeBron leaves Cleveland and still wants to be in the Midwest Region of the US LBJ would most likely end up in the windy city. Overall I don’t see the Bulls adding this high caliber weapon to their already large arsenal of NBA Ballers.
  5. Los Angeles Clippers– When you think of B-Ball in LA or in the entire state of California what comes to mind…. The LA Lakers which are the larger version of the struggling organization that I have in last place for the LBJ Stakes and probably last place for next season as well. With all but one of their of their draft picks being busts the exception being Guard Eric Gordon the Clippers have been a sad franchise to watch suffer and crumble over the years. I really don’t have much to say about LeBron going to LA besides the fact that they have a nice location and lots of cash to throw at him their isn’t much of a team for the” Akron Hammer” to go too.

So there it is we’ll see what happens 

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