2010: Year of the Perfect Game

As July 4th APPROACHES, there have already been THREE perfect games.  Doc Halladay, Dallas Braden, AND ARMANDO GALLARAGA.   The fact that Jim Joyce blew the living daylight out of the call has nothing to do with the fact that Gallaraga DID pitch a perfect game.  Jason Donald WAS out and we all know it.

Jim Joyce, Galarraga,  and Donald, will all be remembered by the people who remember the likes of Harvey Haddix, who threw a perfect game into the 13th inning.  Now if only Bud Selig, who is the person I hate the third most in all of baseball, would change the call.

The only two people I hate more than Selig are the Mets management, all of them, and one of the Mets players.  Carlos Beltran is done.  I think that the vast majority of Mets fans would, at this point, rather see Angel Pagan in center than Carlos “Bad Legs” Beltran.  Beltran was offerred a huge contract by the Mets Management for an amazing postseason with the Houston Astros.  He didn’t, doesn’t, deserve his contract.  He’s always getting hurt and the play I remember most about him was in the 2006 NLCS.  Bases loaded, full count and HE TAKES THE THIRD STRIKE. 

81441824, Sports Illustrated/Getty Images /Sports IllustratedSTRIKE THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy, I hate Beltran. 

Anyway, now onto Doc and the Phillies.  Really, the Phils.  The Phillies have scored 12 runs in their last SEVENTEEN games.  In the midst of that streak, was Halladay’s perfecto.  Many Phillie Phanatics were happy for their Ace, but wanted to point out that their Phantastic offense scored ONE RUN.  The Phils are now in second place.  If their offense doesn’t start working, they can kiss thier World Series hopes goodbye. 

If the Baltimore Orioles continue their current rate of win-loss, they will finish with just over 45 wins.  This will  be the SECOND WORST team in modern history, in my opinion.  The thing I find most interesting is that NEW YORK has housed both the BEST and WORST ever teams.  

The BEST team ever, in my opinion, was the 1923 New York Yankees.  It was their first ever World Series win.  Of course they were followed by years and years of World Series wins.  They finished 98-54.  Now, the WORST ever team, once again in my opinion, was the 1962 New York Mets.  What a laughing stock they were.   They finished at 40-120.  That makes for a year-long win to loss ratio of 1 win to 3 losses.   While not quiute at the Mendoza line, their team batting average was .240.

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