US Soccer suprising the World

When the sport soccer is mentioned or talked about here in the United States of America not much is made or talked about in-depth. Here it is just a sport that we play internationally and is barely the point of focus or attention. However 1 time every 4 years soccer is brought up when the US qualifies and typical sports fans such as myself will flip it on. This year though is completely different… with the US advancing to the 2nd round and winning their grouping for the 1st time in nearly 80 years!!!  That’s almost as long as it took Boston to win a Championship!!!! This year has been the biggest that I have seen people here get into soccer or as the rest of the world calls it “FOOTBALL”  with everyone paying great attention as our team dawning the old Red White and Blue is rolling through the rest of the worlds game. What has me so ecstatic is that the US is always thought of as an easy out or a cupcake to the spanish nations and Europe but now we have won a group that contained our hated rivals ENGLAND and we shocked the whole entire world with one victory over the filthy Brits!! Even though the US is currently on a hot streak I unfortunately do not see the US winning the cup but I do see them winning at least their next to matches where they may run into a rivalry that has been silenced for 60 years…. THE GERMANS!!! My final word or thought is that I have become a soccer fan from this WORLD CUP!!!! 


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