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Please help out my friend Ashley.  She is trying to win a competition where she needs to have her MMA profile rated.  If any of you would PLEASE vote for her as 5 stars, that would be great here is the link:


Now back to baseball.  I know that Stephen Strasburg had a record-breaking signing bonus and he throws 100 with his fastball and has two other great pitches in his 2-seam and his curveball.  However, looking at the numbers, very quickly,hes 2-2, about to become 2-3 after his start today.

On the note of that start today against my New York Mets, Strasburg went 5 innings allowing 2 runs recording 5 strikeouts.  his other starts have gotten him a K/9 rate of 13.6.  before his start today.  He certaintly has lived up to some of his hype.  Lots of strikeouts and a 100 mph fastball.  Today, though, He and his 747 fastball were opposed by R.A. dickey and his butterfly knuckler.  Today, Dickey went 7 innings and allowed 2 unearned runs.  I dont like straburg because of all the hype. 

I would like to say a bit on the pressure put on the other pitchers who faced him so far.  On June 8th, the Nats phenom made his debut against the Pirates’ Jeff Karstens.  so far he has faced in order after that:  David Huff (CLE), Gavin Floyd (CWS), Brian Bannister (KC), Tim Hudson (ATL), and R.A. Dickey (NYM).

Interestingly enough, his first two starts in which the opposing pitchers went only 10.2 IP with 10 earned runs, 3 walks, and four strikeouts were against wo very, very bad pitchers.  After those two, Floyd, Bannister, Hudson, and Dickey have combined for 28.2 innings, ONLY ONE EARNED RUN, eight walks, and 19 punchouts.  So, the stress on the other side of the rubber isn’t.  Good pitchers stepped up to the occasion.

Speaking of good pitching, I have been in a dispute with my friend Adyel about who has better pitching in fantasy baseball.  Im going to create a poll for you all to vote on.

Quickly, I think that the Phillies deserve this kind of torture.  Having all of there players being sent to the DL.  Without Utley, Polanco, Ruiz and thats just right now, they deserve it. 

HA nope.  Francisco Rodriguez is nto a closer.  he is not a pitcher.  he can not do anything right.  Adam Dunn hit a walk off grandslam that bounced back into thwe ballpark.  right now, Adam Dunn is having his walk-off grandslam reviewed.  I hope that he gets it.  Fankie Rodriguez doesnt deserve another chance.  He’ll blow this one anyway.

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