Fantasy Baseball Useless Stats

Firstly, I would like to thank Matt Burrill for letting me play fantasy baseball ( Im an addict).  However there is one thing that really bothers me about it.  He uses NINETEEN stats.  The following stats are ones that I think are unfair or just dont belong.

For htting statistics, total hits, walks, strikeouts, and slugging percentage.  He uses errors for fielding, which could be replaced with Fileding Percentage to improve that area.  Also, for pitchers, Innings Pitched and Earned runs (not ERA) shouldnt be used.

Here is a pre-written discussion against said stats.

I would like to know what all of your opinions are about the following stats being used in the matchups.

Hits- We have batting average. We dont need hits. Hits are in direct relation to At-Bats, another useless stat. Say you have a few guys that dont get many at-bats. A team stacked with leadoff hitters would be good for this stat. We dont need this one AT ALL.

Walks- Also a stat that is in relation to Plate appearences. Umps blow strike calls plenty and this stat is also very dependant on the opposing pitcher. If your guys are against someone like Cliff Lee, who has i think 7 walks in 90+ IP, you cant win that category. conversely, if your guys are against someone wild, they will get more of these. Pointless to have it.

Strikeouts- The same situation with the walks. A guy can strike out guys like it was nothing. However, the pitcher may be a contact pitcher. This stat is pitcher-dependent. It also hinges on some umpires correct decision, or lack thereof.

Slugging- I understand why this is here. It just makes no sense because if you have a team of leadoff hitters or not power hitters, they get just as many hits, but they are all singles. This stat favors sluggers (Hence, slugging percentage)

Fielding- Errors- Fielding shoud not be a part of fantasy baseball. take guys like Orlando Cabrera, Dan Uggla, and Orlando Cabrera, who are error machines and all are beneficial hitters. They will hurt you in that stat. Also, some positions get a LOT more chances for errors than others. Shortstops get alot more chances for errors than say Right Fielders. Not fair to certain positions.

IP- If a team loads up on relievers, they arent going to win this stat..ever.. Alos, over the course of a week, cetain teams have more starts than others. The two teams are not given equal chances to win this stat.

Earned Runs- NOT ERA, EARNED RUNS.– Again, same situation. Relief pitchers dont have as many IP in order to win or lose this stat. Get rid of IP and Earned runs.

I would like to know which stats you think should be kept or removed.  Thanks guys.

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