Joba Chamberlain…. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

If you are a Yankee fan or have been for many years like myself you have probably seen all three types of the once prized possession of the New York Yankees organization…. Joba Chamberlain.

  1. THE GOOD ………   The 1st side that you probably had the pleasure of seeing was when Joba was 1st called up to the Bronx and would come steaming out of the bullpen to Tim McGraw’s hit “Indian Outlaw” with a 99 mph fastball and a swagger that was unlike any other in the great sport that we all call baseball. Joba also was known as the kid with a good head on his shoulders and a role model for younger fans to look up to and idolize. Another great side of Joba Chamberlain was the marketing tool. With “Joba Rules!” and “Joba the Heat” going on it seemed impossible that this phenom would ever get messed up enough to be thought of as a “curse” or a “devil” to the classicist organization in the world. But then came phase 2 of this train wreck in the making .
  2. THE BAD…………     The next phase of the Joba Chamberlain cycle was his bad stuff which includes the 07 “Bug Game” in Cleveland and the beginning of the epic failure that was the Steinbrenner’s cruel fantasy of having Joba Chamberlain as an ace of their pitching staff! Now Joba coming off of a great rookie season out of the pen seemed to be heading in the right direction as the latest great product of the Yankee Farm System. What would follow is now looked upon by diehards like myself as “The Destruction of the Future”!! Joba would be limited to a certain number innings , pitches and appearances for the next two seasons of his development. This plan completely back fired and had a major negative impact on both Joba’s confidence and performance. This phase is considered positive compared to the next phase of the demise of a would’ve been ALL-STAR!!
  3. THE UGLY…………. The current phase of Joba Chamberlain’s career seems to be the worst and the end of his cycle with the Yankees. The current state of the once amazing prodigy is a 92 mph fastball and the same amount of confidence as someone who has paranoia! He has lost everything and anything that made him the once great Joba Chamberlain! I’ve got a buddy who has season tix and many connections to get to the new House of the Yanks. He is telling me many things like “He’ll get traded to a club out west” or “He’ll be left on the street where he belongs!!” To me personally the guy can be a little harsh but how can you not be the Kid was gonna be phenomenal or he was phenomenal. But who really is to blame for this Epic Failure? Is it Joba that we should be yelling at and beheading for his failure or is it the Boss’ upstairs who tried but failed at creating the next pinstripe superstar.

For me I blame two people or two things. Both can effect players in the great city of New York particularly in the borough of the Bronx. Thats right Haven heads I blame the media and of course the people in the seats above….. THE STEINBRENNER’S!! Both these giant institutions put major pressure and talk into Joba…. Too much for any kid from Nebraska to handle or ever expect to see. Well I’m done for now but you can check us out on FaceBook by searching “Matt Burrill’s Sports Haven” or just leave a comment. Okay in the words of Ron Bergandy “Stay Classy San Diego!”

One thought on “Joba Chamberlain…. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. he is a bum that shouldent be playing for us he really should go shatter both of his ankles you know hell the good thing about it is that he can be in one of those little scooter thing then he and his dad can both be the same hight.

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