Prince Felix and Joba kinda Rules

Reading the latest article from Matt about Joba Chamberlain and his demise after his stellar start, I was inspired to write this..

Both “King” Felix Hernandez and Joba “Rules” Chamberlain have had their share of ups and downs.  Over his career, Felix has had seasons in which the Mariners organization has held him back.  Last year they FINALLY let him go.  He went 19-5 with a 2.49 ERA and 217 strikeouts.  That stellar 2009 was good enough to make him an allstar and finish second after (the UNDESERVING) Zach Greinke in the AL Cy Young Award voting.  He also got a few votes for AL MVP.  He placed 26th in that race.  Basically, he was KING  Felix Hernandez all of last year and is continuing that persona into the 2010 season. 

Joba Chamberlain came up in 2007 and was Joba the phenom.  in 24 innings, 34 strikeouts with a WHIP of .750 and a MICROSCOPIC ERA with 0.38!!!   He was the single greatest relief pitcher in the game, or so we thought going into the 2008 season.  Then along came the Steinbrenner-Imposed  Starter making Era.  OY-MY GOD-VAY.  the next two seasons were straight downhill for Joba.  A 13-9 record over two seasons is a good example of the wrong-doing of the Yankees organization. 

I think that the Yankees should have followed suit with Don Wakamatsu’s Mariners and let Joba go off on a tear to become the starter he can be.

2 thoughts on “Prince Felix and Joba kinda Rules

  1. Hey Andy! Nice job as usual but I have some things to ask you…

    1. Joba should be in the bullpen! He shoulda never left and overall I am still the big dogs upstairs over it and his rookie year was 06 not 07!

    2. Felix is having a rough year because he’s got no offensive support (You should know dat from being a Mets Fan!!) LOL

  2. joba should brake both of his ankles so he can get one of those scouters so him and his dad can go ridding together

    why u such a bum joba ?

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