Things Heating up in South Beach

Remember back on May 15th 2010 in my post “Let the James Begin”? Well if you take a quick little glance back there Haven Heads then you’ll see that I was right and predicted the King’s move to South Beach and a unity with DeWayne Wade and with the unexpected Chris Bosh playing in the low post. What this move does is it makes for a major shift in the power of the Eastern Conference and the NBA Universe in general. With LeBron James , DeWayne Wade and Chris Bosh together we may all be able to witness a team like the Boston Celtics or the Lakers of the 70’s and 80’s who were built by stars and competed for the title almost every year. I mean what this means is a potential sports dynasty that the city of Miami hasn’t seen since the goons from “The U” once tore it up on the gridiron. But this group of all-stars will likely stay above the law and not be belittled for their action both on and off the court. But now let’s get back on topic shall we….. now lets look at the numbers… Bosh,James and Wade were all selected in the top 10 of what I would say is or was the greatest draft class in any american professional sport. All 3 are also ranked in the top 10 by many experts and analysts for scoring,passing and most importantly their abilities to play a little defense. The one question that remains however is who will be the go to guy. I honestly don’t have Bosh in the equation of the go to guy compared to Wade and James. But in Toronto I’ll give it to him for being the franchise’s leading scorer and rebounder all-time!


Now for the down side….The city that has never won and probably will never win Cleveland,Ohio. The site of King James before his extended vacation in South Beach. I honestly as a sports fan feel for Cleveland cause they loss everything from games to teams to even icons like LeBron James. Sure they make great movies like one of my favorites “Major League” but overall I just get sad thinking about always lossing and going through things repeditly. But anyway Cleveland isn’t the topic of this post the focus is on Miami where we may see the team of 2010’s. My Final word today is the Christmas day game this year will be a good one! The Lakers led by Kobe and Gasol will face off against the Heat Wave of Dwade, LeBron and Bosh which will give guys like me a whole lot to write about !!

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