ACC turning the corner this year

It is almost my favorite time of year!! That’s right everyone the NCAA Football season is almost here with teams getting into camp and summer sessions now. This year looks to be a great one with explosive players like Washington Quarterback Jake Locker , Tyrell Pyror from Ohio State and my personal favorite Star running back Ryan Williams from Virginia Tech. Today I will give you my preseason rankings, Top Players and a few predictions. So here we go again I think that the SEC and Big 10 conferences should have no problem but a dark horse conference that I think more people should and will be talking about is the ACC. With teams like Virginia Tech , Georgia Tech and Miami leading the way along with the up and coming programs of North Carolina and NC State who could finish the year in the top 25. Both UNC and NC State are also raking in the recruits from nearby pipelines such as Tennessee , West Virginia and Virginia. The other scary part of the ACC is they have the chance to beat top teams in other conferences right from the get go when Virginia Tech squares off with Boise State and Miami travels up to the Horseshoe for a battle with the Buckeyes of Ohio State. I can honestly see the ACC coming back to form because I have a gut and bold prediction that they will dominate their non-conference schedule, recruit well and most of all they will have exceptional players like Ryan Williams , Jacory Harris and Russell Wilson who all have tremendous potential to compete for awards such as the O’Brien, Maxwell , Walker and even the Heisman. I also think that the ACC will send at least 7 teams to bowls this coming winter. Here’s how I think the Atlantic and Coastal divisions will look at the end of the year….    


  1. Florida State
  2. North Carolina State
  3. Clemson
  4. Maryland
  5. Wake Forest
  6. Boston College



  1.  Virginia Tech
  2. Miami
  3. North Carolina
  4. Georgia Tech
  5. Duke
  6. Virginia

Now here is my analysis….. I view the Atlantic as the weaker of the two divisions with Wake Forest and Boston College both lacking in recruiting and overall team I can see both as the punching bags of the conference. On the other side of things I see the Coastal similar to the American League East division in baseball. Containing in my opinion the 3 best teams in the conference (VT,Miami,UNC) and a dangerous team not to be over looked in Georgia Tech. The key games that will decide both the coastal and the ACC as a whole will be when UNC , Virginia Tech and Miami play each other. I also have to dark horses like NC State and Georgia Tech who both run good offenses, have young talent and most of all have no expectations and that is why I like them to make the ACC what it has been for a long time…. UNPREDICTABLE!!!    

ACC Football




One thought on “ACC turning the corner this year

  1. I am ready for Hokie football too! I agree that the ACC is a much better balance league than some of the others. Did you know they have the highest graduation rate of all the BCS conferences?

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