2010 the year of the pitcher

Baseball….. It’s regarded as America’s past time and the greatest sport and money grossing institution in the world today. What baseball also to the world is a large amount of fans or followers who will watch their teams travel around the country in 162 games of pure baseball. Fans will usually follow their local team and although there are 30 teams in the MLB today there are really two types of fans. These two being Purists and Modern. Although both types love the game of baseball there are some key and very distinctive differences. For example a Purist will tend to be anti DH where as a Modern day fan wants the DH for power. Another key difference in these two types is their ideal game. For a Purist it is a low scoring game that will include all the fundamentals of the game (Pitching,Defense and Hitting). For a Modern fan the ideal game is a slug fest or a game full of excitement where the crowd is loud , full of excitement and very boisterous. I would say that I am a Modern day fan because I am in favor of the DH and love to see a lot of action. My fellow writer here at the Haven Andy Mosner is what you would call a radical Purist because of his views on the DH and type of game. But all fans would agree that the greatest game of all is a perfect game or a no-hitter which is the topic of today’s post.

             The perfect game… it’s a game that is always remembered in history and by the people who attended the historic event. This of course means so much more to a purist because it is the highest accomplishment that a single player can possibly have in a single 9 inning game. Another event similar to a perfect game is the no-hitter both have been proudly displayed in this year of 2010 or as many are calling it “The Year of the Pitcher”. So far there have been a unprecidented 5 no- hitters (Jimenez,Jackson,Garza) two of which have been perfect games (Halladay and Braden). To put this crazy season more into perspective this is the most no hitters so far in almost 20 years (1991 – 7). However this year should have been tied with that amazing year. The reason of course being the Armando Galaragga event that was a major blown call by Jim Joyce at an obvious call at 1st base. The other game that would’ve made the history books was by Toronto’s Brandon Morrow who let up a soft Grounder to Tampa Bay’s Evan Longoria that was bobbled by the second baseman Aaron Hill. Anyway that’s all I’ve got for you’ll today and remember GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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