Preseason, postseason, my oh my

At the begining of the baseball season, My dream team would have looked like this:

C~    Joe Mauer
1B~ Albert Pujols
2B~ Chase Utley
3B~ Evan Longoria
SS~ Troy Tulowitzki
LF~ Ryan Braun
CF~ Josh Hamilton
RF~ Jason Heyward


Mauer is having a comeback-to earth year.  still, from a catcher, I aint gonna complain about a .331, 88, 9, 74, .407  line from my catcher.  Of course, I am a National League Knucklehead.  So I would not mind one bit Brian McCann’s .273, 61, 20, 75, .378 line at all  and he aint hurt when I need him most down the fantasy baseball stretch.  Nor is Buster Posey, whom I love as well.  But hey, let it be. 

Can I just say I don’t like Victor Martinez?  I dont like AL East players.  Sorry.  absolutely nothing against the Yanks, but I just dont like them.  They are in a division filled with talent.  and that means pitching.  I’d rather have a player in the NL East.  cmon, like McCann.  While V-Mart is up against the likes of David Price, CC Sabathia, etc, (soon to be Cliff Lee); McCann is up agianst who?  JJ, Doc, Hamels, and Oswalt..  however he also gets to play the Mutts and Nats.

Pujols is having a sub-Pujols year.  First base just has a plethera of talent.  and this year, not from the “first round” picks.  Prince, Howard, Tex, all are having lesser years than we thought.  I do like Miggy.  However, I LOVE Joey Votto.  I’m not saying Tex and tghe likes are garbage,but I would ALWAYS rather have an NL guy.  And to be honest, [going by’s rankings] Top five first basemen:  Albert Pujols, Joey Votto, Miguel Cabrera, PAUL KONERKO, Adrian Gonzalez.  TEX=11, Howard=7, Fielder=13.  Ahh I love the underdog.

In fact the only NL guy I dont like (for some reason, one of which I dont understand why)  Gonzo.  It might have something to do with him  being the only player capable of weilding a bat in San Diego.  Aubrey Huff is having a great year.  Another example of a player previously on Tampa Bay, Baltimore, and Detroit coming to San Francisco and being a stud.  AL to NL = backup DH to Stud.  ehh NL \m/

 Utley was kinda the consensus pick here.  Some people, most people, probably would have chosen Dustin Pedroia.  and it was close this time.  The only kinds of players I like from the AL East are named Pedroia, Jeter, Swisher, Roberts, and Bautista.  I mean c’mon guiys, I RIGHT  HANDED HITTER in BOSTON  And a fly ball to left off  the green monster for a double.  no sweeter sound from Boston.  Except the Dropkick Murphy’s….  Of course, Utley has honestly, the better lineup.  He also plays in Citizens Bank Park.  where a fly  ball to left is a homerun, not a double. 

On the day of my fantsy draft, I had to choose a 2B in the 10th round of my draft.  I chose Jose Lopez.   One of the WORST fantasy baseball decisions of my life.  He’s garbage, Seattle is poop. Mix them together and you get garbagepoop…… T_T.  What really gets to me now  is that in the fifteenth round, Dan Uggla was taken.  then IN THE 21ST ROUND Martin Prado was there.  OYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Third base I think as a whole, is a poor man’s first.  Lots of power, not too much speed.  I went with Longoria here because he is one of the very few who possess both.  On top of the third base class is, in my opinion, David Wright, Alex Rodriguez, Adrian Beltre, Evan Longoria, Ryan Zimmerman maybe.  That was in no particular order. 

I dont like Han-ram.  He’s so immature and doesn’t get it.  Troy Tulowitzki is the best NL SS.  Jeter leads the AL pack.  Im sure you can make the argument that Hanley is playing in landshark stadium and is a 5-tool guy and everything, but as a ballplayer he doesnt get it.  I can’t stand him.  He’s been slowing down recently anyway.  ONE OF THE MOST PUZZLING baseball related topics I have witnessed recently is that the first round of a baseball draft looks like this:

Albert Pujols
I personally go with Mauer here, but Ryan Braun could make his way up here too.

Ramirez is garbage as an individual.  Anyway.  The real question is why I went with Tulo over Jeter.  They’re both such good ballplayers.  Tulo’s numbers are helped by playing in Colorado for sure./  I still think that anywhere in the league he has potential to be a top three shortstop.  Derek Jeter is truly amazing.  He is the face of the New York Yankees right now.  He plays all out and is a tremendous leader in so many ways.  On and off the field, he is my favorite baseball player or definately top three. 

The three outfield positions were difficult to choose because: I don’t know wherre in the outfield most players play.  LF, RF, CF, OF  Also, there is such talent in their position.  From rookies like Andres Torres and Jason Heyward to veterans like Braun, like Holliday, like Bautista.  There is so much talent in so many areas.

Speed: The ageless Juan Pierre is leading the majors in stolen bases once again.  After comes a class of speedsters inclusive of Brett Gardner, Rajai Davis, Ichiro, and Michael Bourn.  Lots of stolen bases= lots of runs.  Thats how it works believe it or not.

Sluggers: The big bombers who know how to hit a ball 400 somethin feet in the opposite direction of the way it came.  The players I’ve put in here are power hitters who hit roughly .260… So not much in the lines of AVG, but a helluva lot in SLG.

JOSE BAWWWWWWWTISTA 52 bombs this year north of the border. 
Vernon Wells, also from Toronto there, has 31 homeruns.
As does Corey Hart

The best outfielders of course are the five-tool guys:

Ryan Braun
Carlos Gonzalez
Josh Hamilton

Thats that.  peace

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