A FANTASTIC Year in Review–Draft Day

Our lovely founder here at Matt Burrill’s Sports Haven and I were engaged in a fantasy baseball league on ESPN.com this past year.  I vowed not to write about fantasy baseball, however there has been a request that I do so.  Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

On March 20th, 2010, at Matt’s house a group of highschoolers met fopr a fantasy baseball draft.  (DAH duhDAH DAH DAH DUUUHH).  I think I will do what I’ve seen in many fantasy baseball magazines.  I will choose one pick per round and give my estuted opinion on it

Round 1-How Alex Rodriguez was chosen in the first round is absolutely beyond me.  He was selected by Matthew Deblasio as the THIRD OVERALL PICK no less.  He may be a force but If you were to ask me, the first three picks in order are as follows: Pujols, Braun, Mauer. 

Round 2-A fellow Sports Haven writer, Mike Doddy chose Doc Halladay as the third pick.  This was a great choice.  When a flat out dominant pitcher like Doc comes from the AL East to, of all places, the NL East he should be coveted.  And, after a 21 win season, 200+ strikeouts, and a Perfecto, my point has been soundly proven.

Round 3-Matt DeBlasio made a good choice on this pick.  He went with Troy Tulowitzki.  Tulo plays in Colorado, is the best, BEST,((fantasy-wise)) at SS.  None of that Han-Ram garbagio.   Even with Derek Jeter being available a few picks later, I gotta say, I love Jeter, but another statistical monster year was unlikely.  He is the best shortstop in all of baseball hands down.  But in the world of fantasy, Tulo was the way to go.

Round 4-I HATE myself for my own pick in this round.  Yours truly chose Jason Bay.  You can’t play favorites in this realm.  I did, and it went terribly wrong.  See, a double off the Green Monster at Fenway is a flyball in the canyon of Citi Field.  Then he had a concusion after making that great play out in LA.  A notice to all fantasy owners, Jason Bay in 2011 BUST!!!!!!!

Round 5-Let me tell you a story about round 5.  Both Adam Wainwright and Justin Verlander were available and I decided to convince Matt Burrill to choose Waino over Verlander, thus giving me Verlander picks later.  Karma’s a pain in the butt.  Not only did Verlander have a very slow start, but Wainwright should definately be in Cy Young conversation.  The worst part I think, is that Cliff Lee was chosen after I chose Verlander. 

Round 6-Justin Morneau, 56th.  Autopick panned out very well for Terrence Delgado here.  Morneau was the best statistical first baseman in baseball until a concussion ruined his season.  the very next pick was Kendry Morales.  Who as we all know, broke his leg stepping on home plate after a homerun. 

Round 7-Josh Johnson went to Matt Burrill in this round.  A pleasant surprise no doubt.  JJ emerged as one of the best pitchers in baseball this year.  of course, he finishes the season with an injury so we’ll have to wait and see about his value going into next year.  He will not be kept as our league is of the keeper variety.

Round 8-Matt Wieters, 73rd.  Doddy, this wasn’t so smart.  I understand your thoughts about his upside but.  He has three major things working against him.  They are: The sophomore slump, playing in the AL East, and playing on the Orioles.  Overall, not a bad pick, but if I was presented with the option I would rather have talen a risk on a certain Geovany Soto.

Round 9-Here ya go Mr. Burrill!  UBALDO JIMENEZ!!!!  Chosen by myslef solely because I saw his name.  UBALDO Jimenez.  I couldnt resist.  Boy did that one work out for me.  He and his 98 mph sinker propelled me to many wins throughout the season.  In fact, he is one of the only 4 players I have had on my team all season out of 25. 

Round 10-Matt Cummings chose Hunter Pence as the 99th pick.  As far as age goes and benefiting fantasy value  a great choice.  Even playing Houston, he is able to produce well enough to be a viable option.

That was the draft.  or parts of it.

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