National League Playoff..Situation


We don’t know!!!  Two of these teams are in.  One team is out.  There is a chance that there will be a THREE-WAY TIE.  First one is Major League Baseball history.  Situations

If the Padres and Braves make it:
1.The Padres would beat the Giants Sunday 
2.Braves would beat the Phillies Sunday
3.The Padres and Giants would play in San Diego on Monday and the Padres would win
4.The Braves would beat the Giants on Tuesday for the Wild Card

If the Giants and Padres make it:
1.Giants beat Padres Sunday
2.Braves beat Phillies Sunday
3.Padres defeat Braves Monday

If the Giants and Braves make it:
1.Giants beat Padres Sunday
2.Braves beat Phillies Sunday
3.Braves beat the Padres Monday

The biggest game of the 2010 National League Season is happening verrry soon.  Sna Diego’s Mat Latos squares off against Jonathan Sanchez of the San Francisco Giants.

I personally want to see the Padres and Braves make it.  The Padres are really a great story and even after a 10-game losing streak they have to prove they’re for real.  I like the Braves.  Having B obby Cox in the postseason one last time would be truly great.  Also as a side note, Bobby Cox’s number 6 was retired at Turner Field Saturday.

2 thoughts on “National League Playoff..Situation

  1. I’d really like to see the Phillies make it. My dad is 90 years old and he’s a huge Phillies fan and loves to watch them on TV, so I’d like to see their season last a little longer.

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