BCS Rankings to be released

Even though we all hate it the BCS can be fun. One of the big parts of it being fun is this coming weekend when the rankings begin and the real contenders will start to appear right before our eyes. We had some serious shakeups this week with Bama going down to the “Old Ball Coach” and his Gamecocks in Columbia,SC. Two other story lines are the undefeated teams that still remain. I mean having 10 undeleted teams is no biggie but the way that these teams are all of opposite styles, conferences and even caliber is just amazing. Take a look at lets say Ohio State and Oregon the AP’s top 2 teams (As of 10/13/10). You’ve got new school Oregon versus the old school Ohio State. Power I vs Spread, West Coast vs Midwest, 2 Jerseys vs 73 combinations. The list goes on and on ; But when all is said and done both teams play tough conference opponents (Unlike Boise State and TCU) who play teams like Hawaii of SMU for a conference title. Aside from the 4 that I have mentioned there are 8 other teams (Oklahoma,Nebraska,LSU,Michigan State,Missouri,Nevada,Utah and Auburn). unfortunately for Nevada and Utah who like Boise State and TCU don’t belong to a power conference a shot at a national title or a BCS Bowl at all is a true long shot.

If you look at it by conference the Big 12 which is in its final year with two of the undefeated Nebraska and Missouri have 4 of the 12 unbeatens in their own conference. Next is smaller mid majors who combined make up another 3rd of the grand total. Then you get to the Big 10 and SEC who each have 2 teams without a loss including the number 1 Buckeyes. Lastly the PAC 10 has one representative the Oregon Ducks who I think should be numero uno among the leaderboard. Here is the official MB Sports Haven Rankings for the BCS National Championship going into week 7.

  1. Oregon Ducks: Explosive on both sides of the ball and alotta fun to watch
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes: On the verge of being number 1 but look beatable
  3. Nebraska Cornhuskers: have young freshman sensation Taylor Martinez calling the shots and beating defenses with both his legs and his arm
  4. Boise State Broncos: Great team that plays bad teams it’s that simple I just don’t see them getting to number 1 without the help of one of the other big dogs
  5. Oklahoma Sooners: Landry and stoops lead a sooner team that will be contesting with Nebraska for the league title
  6. TCU Horned Frogs: Similar to Boise State but I think they will rise a little bit especially when they play in Salt Lake City against rival Utah
  7. LSU Tigers: Undeafeted in the SEC enough said
  8. Alabama Crimson Tide: Had set back against the gamecocks but still very much in the hunt are the tide.
  9. Michigan State: Sparty’s looking strong after 6 weeks and a monster win over Michigan
  10. Auburn Tigers: Another undefeated in the SEC and look good for matchups against Arkansas , LSU and the iron bowl vs the Tide                         

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