BCS week 3

Another week another number 1 ranked team crumbles… Thats the way it has gone thus far in the world of college football. The latest victims were the Sooners of Oklahoma who were upset by the still unbeaten Missouri Tigers. The other battle of the unbeatens was in the SEC where the Auburn Tigers defeated LSU. Auburn is now the number 1 team in the BCS Rankings but I still have the Ducks and their wild spread offense as the top dogs in our Sports Haven rankings. Some things have changed in the Rankings that you see below with Boise moving up from the 4 hole last week to number 3 after another easy win in the WAC or as I call it “WEAK ASS CONFERENCE“. In total there are still 7 teams with a big fat goose egg in the loss column (Oregon,Boise,TCU,Utah,Michigan State,Auburn and Missouri). I do expect the trend of upsets to continue with  a possible one or two teams like Michigan State maybe stumbling against Iowa. Well here they are our week 3 rankings for the Bowl Championships.

Can they be Stopped?????

  1. Oregon Ducks (1) 2 
  2. Auburn Tigers (3) 1
  3. Boise State Broncos (4) 3
  4. Missouri Tigers (NR) 6
  5. Michigan State Spartans (5) 5
  6. TCU Horned Frogs (7) 4
  7. Utah Utes (10) 8
  8. Alabama Crimson Tide (8) 7
  9. Wisconsin Badgers (9) 10
  10. Oklahoma Sooners (2) 9


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