The Free Agents

Let us start with Derek Jeter.  He is the best player in the game.  He is also a FA, however does anyone legitimately expect Jeter to lose his Yankee origins?  He is going to get a three year deal worth anywhere from 50-65 mil.  If he does not for some reason sign with the bombers, he will NOT be signing anywhere else.  He IS a Yankee.  When I say Yankees, I don’t care who you are.  You will think of Derek Jeter.  Of course, Jeter COULD sign with another team, Stephen Strasburg could become a power hitting first baseman, Adam Dunn could hit .400 and the Cubbies COULD win a World Series (sorry guys, low blow)

On to another pinstripe-ee.  Mo Rivera, 40.  The greatest closer of all time.  No question about it.  He will get a two year deal though.  I’m not so sure just how long these hitters are gonna take to learn to hit his ONE PITCH!  He is also someone I don’t see moving from his home, YET.

Anyway, other relievers out there are, honestly, pretty good.  There’s a lot of names out there I would want and trust.  Like:

Trevor Hoffman- Okay, so he lost his job to John Axford.  IT doesn’t change the fact that he is an all-time great RP.  I want to see him go to a team where his veteran knowledge is appreciated and can be used to its full potential.  Exapmles are teams that were in the dumps, but are risin’ up like the Nats, O’s, A’s, Mets, Astros, Indians etc.

Pedro Feliciano- YES!!  IT”S SCARIN’ ME TOO THAT A MET IS A TOP FREE AGENT!!!!!  Dubbed “Persistant Pedro” by Gary, Keith, and Ron he is just that.  He is consistantly being thrown into situations, even though he was behind on the scoreboard, and succeeding.  I like him a lot, and unfortunately, I do NOT see him resigning with the Mets.  He and fellow Late Met Hisanori Takahshi are FA’s and lookin’ to move.

Rafael Soriano/Joaquim Benoit- Both of these Rays are essential to the Tampa Bay formula for success.  They are both probably going to attract a lot of interest from other clubs though.  Soriano emerged as an elite closer.  Benoit is another guy who I like.  He, Hong-Chin Kuo, and Luke Gregerson are the top non-closer RP’s out there.

Here is a list of my top ten Free Agent Starters.  IN ORDER THAT GMosner WOULD WANT:

1. Cliff Lee
2. Bronson Arroyo
3. Javier Vazquez
4. Hisanori Takahashi
5. Jorge de La Rosa
6. Andy Pettite
7. Carl Pavano
8. Chris Young
9. Jamie Moyer
10. Brandon Webb

And with that, I leave you probably many questions, but that was the intention.  SO! If I have left you thouroughly confused, good.

2 thoughts on “The Free Agents

    • Brandon Webb is garbage. He’s made what? one start the last two years? Sure he used to be good, but so did Johan Santana, so did Pedro Martinez, so did Tom Glavine….wait. theyre all Mets.

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