I find it to be absolutely ridiculous that teams announce that they are PRIORITIZING RE-SIGNING players. 

For exapmle, we all know that Cliff Lee, for example, is a priority of the Rangers, right?  RIGHT.  Now why announce that?  We, Baseball Americans already know that Lee would be a priority to have on your team.  Yes, You are probably going to go to a big market team, but that doesn’t stop the other 20-something teams from wanting you. 

On the line of Cliff Lee, I just want to say this, I have only heard of three teams reach out to him.  The Rangers, who are looking for an extension, the Yanks, who are looking for a second ace, and LOL the Nationals.  I love the Nationals.  They’re a team that gives me hope, unlike the Blue and Orange fools in Flushing.  Although they are starting to come out of this recent coma. 

Okay, also, I’m sick of logging onto MLB.com and seeing that the Redsox are prioritizing getting Victor Martinez and Adrian Beltre.  Again, same situation where the other 29 teams out there would be interested in at least one of them.  All except maybe the Yankees, who seem content with Posada and Arod. 

Now, if you wanted to say that the Yankees were prioritizing getting Derek Jeter back with them, then yes that makes perfectly good sense.  He is the Yankees, as you can read about in my last article.  That makes sense.  Alrighty, from now until later peace out my readers!

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