UGGla boot a perfect fit in Flushing?

Let me begin by saying how absolutley terrible that title is.  I apologize to all of you out there just shaking your heads xP

Okay, now the real interesting part.  Would the Mets happen to be one of the two unidentified NL teams that the Marlins are talking to about moving Uggla.  He is a consistant power-hitting second baseman.  His fielding is good and hey, you can’t get much worse than Ruben Tejada or Luis Castillo. 

Reasons why the Mets would need Uggla’s help:  Uggla is a right-handed power bat.  He would EASILY be one of the better Mets hitters.  With an infield that could read  Ike Davis, Dan Uggla, Jose Reyes, and David Wright, I would not complain.  Now the question becomes who do they give up to get him.

A potential trade that I would like to see happen at the Winter Meetings next week is a deal that would send Carlos Beltran down to Florida in a package for Uggla.  Florida has been reportidely asking about a RP, or a catcher.  The Mets could give Manny Acosta, who has been consistant, and maybe a Josh Thole. 

The thing is, though, that if I were Mike Hill (GM of the Marlins) I would be asking for a deal involving a combination of three players.  I would want Pedro Feliciano, Josh Thole, or Carlos Beltran.  The reqason I would think I need another OF, as well as the reported C and RP, is because now, I have plans of moving Chris Coghlan to third, and the Padres just picked up Maybin.  Our outfielders now are Logan Morrison, Michael Stanton, and a big ???.  Emilio Bonafacio?  I would rather take a chance on Beltran.

Also, because I dont see the Marlins signing a big name FA outfielder, like Worth or Crawford, I think that a trade would be a good way to get a CF.  The Proposed trade:

Mets Send:
Carlos Beltran, CF
Bobby Parnell/Manny Acosta

Marlins Send:
Dan Uggla

What are your thoughts?

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