Hokies recap and a look into the Yankees offseason

Longtime no see. I greatly apologize for not posting anything in a while. A lot has happened since my last post.  RB’s Ryan Williams and Darren Evans have left the Hokies for the NFL  and the Yankees are starting to get their roster set for the 2011 campaign which looks to be even more competitive than last seasons. We’ll start with the Hokies …

To think Virginia Tech started out the season 0-2 with a close loss to Boise and a massacre loss to James Madison in Blacksburg. Tech went on to win their next 11 games in brilliant fashion under the leadership of senior’s Tyrod Taylor and Andre Smith who made the Hokies a dual threat of passing and running the ball. Another key part to the year was the inexperience on the defensive side of the ball. Over the course of the season Tech had 3 sophomore linebackers playing in almost every game this season. Even though it sounds like a major problem young talent like MLB Bruce Taylor ,  Jeron Gouveia-Winslow and even Redshirt freshman Jack Tyler who showed everything that it takes to be a playmaker in Bud Foster’s defense .

        (#58, JACK TYLER)

             The Hokies ended their season with a beating from the Stanford Cardinal and finished the season with a record of (11-3). This loss disappointed all of Hokie Nation and was very tough because it was the final game for QB Tyrod Taylor and RB’s Darren Evans and Ryan Williams.  Looking on the bright side of things the Hokies have a lot of young talent at almost every position including returning junior RB David Wilson who got very little playing time with Williams and Evans in front of him but he did take full advantage of his opportunities. Another key to Tech’s success in 2011 will be the QB position and who will be taking the snaps. The favorite right now for the role is Logan Thomas, who was originally a TE that offensive coordinator Brian Steinspring turned into a QB. Thomas stands at a towering 6’6 and can move with tremendous speed and elusiveness.  The recruiting class that is incoming for the Hokies includes talent on the defensive side of the ball mainly at on the D-line and secondary. The leader of the class right now is DT Kris Harley out of Indiana. Harley isn’t the biggest D-lineman (6’2,265 lbs) but he is very powerful and looks to be good down the road.  Now on to the Yankees….

        The New York Yankees have been relatively quiet this offseason with only two major signings (Catcher, Russell Martin and RP Rafeal Soriano).  What the bombers will have to depend on this season is young , home-grown talent for their outfield and pitching rotation. I do like this strategy but it is going to take time and I don’t see success this year with the team that they have especially in the rotation. One decision that I love is the decision to keep top prospect and future star Jesus Montero who I think will be worked and utilized in many key situations as the season rolls on.  One decision I hate is the signing of mediocre talent like Pedro Felicano and Andruw Jones. I feel like the Yanks could have and really should have taken advantage of all the premier options out there. Guys like Jayson Werth,Carl Crawford , and Cliff Lee could all be wearing the pinstripes if the Yanks stepped up and got the job done. Now as a result the Red Sox are fully loaded and look to be the heavy favorites for the title this year. Overall I give the Yanks a B+  grade for this offseason .


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