Pigskin Armageddon:2011/2012

The day we all have anxiously been waiting for has finally come… March 11th 2011. Also known as the deadline for the Owners and Players of the National Football League to come to an agreement on several key issues and more importnatly…Whether or not there would be a  season 2011.

Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith

For me there are two  major issues that seem to be holding this whole thing up: 

 1. The $ 9 BILLION revenue that the league made last season and how it should be divided up amongst the players and owners.

2. The 18 game schedule that the owners are really pushing for and hoping to get.

I think that the money can be handled and will be handled the way it always is… Given to the owners to give to the players. But as far as the schedule goes, as much as I love the NFL and the game of football I am against this idea of adding more games to an already long and grueling season. I can say that as a player (And one who destroyed his foot in a practice) that these athletes are the hardest working and strongest in the world. Football is also the greatest contact sport in the world , and with contact comes physicality, and with physicality comes injuries. If you look at  all of  the injuries in the NFL from this past year you will see that there were a total of 464 players injured (That is over 7 % of the entire league! )


However there is a way to solve this problem and maybe have the 18 game schedule that the owners are desiring. My plan for the NFL to expand the size of every teams roster. Currently the roster has 53 players with 45 eligible to play and 8 on the practice squad. I think that if each team added 10 more spots to its roster there would be a greater possibility for the 18 game schedule adjustment. With this being said another problem may arise from the owners perspective… More Players = More Contracts and More Contracts = Yes Money for the Owners. But under the current circumstances and situation that the League and Union are in right now if anything this kind of plan would probably help more than it would hurt and could potentially be the start of a  coming together and partial agreement by both sides. 

Like everything in sports this lockout or standoff will have a winner and loser but before that can be determined we must first figure out who is the cause of this problem and who we should put the blame on.  For more explanation here is a video of one of my favorite YouTube channels… “Ka$h Kelly and AC Sports Report” with who is to blame for this conflict.

For once I do not agree with my friends from the Sports Report. Their argument was good but not the right one for me. The way I look at it the Players Union is the side that is holding this whole thing up. The Owners have come a lot closer to compromising and given into the players smaller demands but what ticks me off so much like in every professional the athletes are RAKING IN THE DOUGH. It’s that simple what more do you want your getting paid millions of dollars a year to play the greatest sport in the world and you want more??? I understand the safety of the players and all that stuff but that is why you expand the rosters like I said before. But all we can do now is talk about it. Nothing can get done until August when practices are scheduled to start. But you can still have your voice heard…here at Sports Haven by commenting and voting on this major issue.

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