Sweet 16 Picks

Hey Haven its Matt Basile again, after a crazy first weekend in the NCAA tournament. If anyone is keeping pace with the ESPN Tournament Challenge, every bracket has at least two incorrect games. As of right now I’m currently in the 78th percentile, mostly because I did some last minute changes.

Now for my picks for the round of 16.
3 UCONN beats 2 SDSU because no team in the tournament is as hot as the huskies,
1 Duke beats 5 Arizona for two reasons: 1. Kyrie Irving is the best player in college basketball and 2. Derek Williams is out of miracles.
4 Wisconsin beats 8 Butler because Butler is the second worst team in the tournament at 3-point defense while Wisconsin is the third best in 3-point offense in the tournament.
3 BYU beats 2 Florida for the fact that Jimmer has not been stopped.
2 UNC beats 11 Marquette because UNC has who I think is the most underated player in the tournament In Kendall Marshall. He can distribute the basketball like no other guard in the country and plays very tough defense.
1 Kansas and 12 Richmond is a toss-up. I had Richmond in my Elite 8 from the beginning because they are of the two most underated teams in the tournament along with VCU. If Kansas can get a big lead early, I
don’t see the spiders having a shot, but if Richmond hgs in there early they will slip away and come up with
another upset.
11 VCU’s run stops when they fall to 10 FSU. FSU has the best field goal defense in the tournament by far.
1 Ohio State beats 4 Kentucky no question about it.

I have a good feeling about these games, it’s going to be another great weekend of basketball.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the madness.

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