Fantasy Draft Recap

Yesterday, at 7:15 pm EST, There began a fantasy baseball draft of epic proportions.  A ten team league, 23 spots per team (5 keepers from the previous year) .  All in all at the end of the night, everything turned out well.

I will spotlight my personal top three, bottom three, and writer’s teams.

Top Three:
Humongous Melonheads – Andrew Mosner

C-Victor Martinez
1B-Joey Votto
2B-Robinson Cano
3B-Adrian Beltre
SS-Stephen Drew
OF-Matt Holliday
OF-Ryan Braun
OF-Chris Young
UTIL-Dustin Pedroia
P-Felix Hernandez
P-Brian Wilson
P-Joakim Soria
P-Neftali Feliz
P-John Axford
B-Josh Johnson
B-Shaun Marcum
B-Daniel Hudson
B-Jamie Garcia

THE BOSS- Mikey Doddy, Rick Mechanic

C-Kurt Suzuki
1B-Prince Fielder
2B-Brandon Phillips
3B-Casey McGehee
SS-Erick Aybar
OF-Jason Heyward
OF-Carlos Gonzalez
OF-Torii Hunter
UTIL-Adam Jones
B-Brian Roberts
B-Jason Bay
P-Jon Lester
P-Matt Cain
P-Ubaldo Jimenez
P-Matt Garza
P-Francisco Rodriguez
B-Jeremy Hellickson

The Crimson Chin -Louis Noia

C-Yadier Molina
1B-Billy Butler
2B-Ian Kinsler
3B-David Wright
SS-Alexei Ramirez
OF-Shane Victorino
OF-Shin-Soo Choo
OF-Brett Gardner
UTIL-David Ortiz
B-Nick Swisher
B-Daniel Wagner(ranked below 3000 on the player Rater, however, not his choice)
P-David Price
P-Jered Weaver
P-Jonathan Papelbon
P-Jonathan Broxton
P-Andrew Bailey
B-Ted Lilly

Each of these teams, In my opinion have a good shot to win it

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