Team Overview: VT HOKIE HAVEN VT

C-Kurt Suzuki
1B-Justin Morneau
2B-Kelly Johnson
3B-Evan Longoria
SS-Elvis Andrus
OF-Carl Crawford
OF-Andrew McCutchen
OF-Manny Ramirez
UT-Pablo Sandoval

P-Clayton Kershaw
P-Chris Carpenter
P-Mo Rivera
P-Jose Valverde
P-Matt Thornton

B-Carlos Lee
B-Cliff Lee
B-Roy Halladay
B-Chad Billingsley

I think that this team has potential.  The pitching staff is good for all of King Midas’s silver.  Between Halladay and Lee from the Phab Phour, Kershaw, and Carpenter.  I do not like Valverde, Billingsley, or Thornton.  If I was Matt, I would add Craig Kimbrel.  just saying.

He’s got a good outfield with McCutchen and Crawford.  Ideally both fantasy studs, but one is on the Pirates, the other the RedSox

Longo is a good player, but aside from that there’s a lot of questions, in my (Not so) expert opinion


Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria - Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays

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