In Logan we Trust

Over the last 15 years in Virginia Tech Football history the Quarterback position has been played by several talented athletes. From the cannon arm of Jim Druckenmiller back in 1995 to the speed and elusiveness of  Tyrod Taylor in recent years and everyone in between. position of Quarterback has been a major strength for the Gobblers and will continue to be an exciting area to watch when Tech takes the field.

This year the Hokies will continue their tradition of  athletic quarterbacks with the beginning of a new era in Hokie Football… “The Logan Era”. Back in the summer of 2009 at Brookville High School, Lynchburg, Virginia a star was born. Then ranked the number 1 wide receiver in the 2009 recruiting class by Logan Thomas, A young and athletic 6’6 monster had all the coaches in ACC country  drooling over his size, speed  and overall potential . In combines and summer camps Thomas worked out as everything from a WR to a QB.  No matter what the drill the 4 star prospect displayed both amazing skill and awareness with and 4.6 second  40-yard dash and an amazing 3.4 GPA in all testing areas. Out of the 10 schools the Logan Thomas had shown a major interest in, from the beginning it seemed like a foregone conclusion that he would end up in Blacksburg which was made official on November 6th of 2008.  Logan Thomas was only 1 small piece of a larger recruiting class that included now RB David Wilson and CB Jayron Hosley in addition to another 19 players (9 who currently start).

Logan Thomas started out his career with the Hokies in 2010 after redshirting his freshman season. Thomas immediately contributed to Tech’s efforts as a giant 6’6 deep threat target for Tyrod Taylor and served as his backup. Even though he only made 1 reception for a TD in 201o Thomas still made his presence felt but even more so in the backfield. While serving as the backup QB Thomas had many opportunities and made the most of them with 46.2% cmpletion rate and just over 100 yards passing(most of his playing time came during blowouts which led to more rushing attempts than passing attempts in the later parts of the game ).

 What LT brings to the table is the perfect combination of size (6’6,  233 lbs) ,agility(4.6 40 yd dash) and potential (#1 ranked Va prospect, #1 TE prospect Rivals and # 19 overall by Rivals). With these tools the Hokies QB is getting a lot of attention and praise as the  next “Cam Newton” in college football. Heres a little comparison of Thomas and Newton side by side….

                   Logan Thomas                                             Cam Newton


  Size:                           1.   6’6 233lbs                                                                              1. 6’5 248 lbs

Speed:                         2. 4.6 seconds 40 yd dash                                                      2. 4.5 seconds 40 yd dash

Throwing motion: 3. Over the top (Gunslinger)                                                      3. Over the top (On the run ; Scrambler)

Strengths:               4. Potential and mechanics with good running ability      4. Potential , leadership and just flat-out raw power and skill

 As you can see from the comparison above young Logan has a lot in common with Cam Newton who very well could be the number 1 overall selection in this 2011 draft by the Carolina Panthers. The one major difference that I see between Thomas and Newton is the character of the two. On the Newton side of things we all have heard the controversy and all the nonsense that came up halfway through his Heisman season this year at Auburn. On the flip side of Thomas this kid has all the opportunity in the world with an experienced receiving core and a great and explosive back (David Wilson) in the backfield.

 With that being said as a Hokies fan and a College Football fan in general I am really excited and am looking forward to watching the development of a young 4 star recruit into the latest and greatest Hokie and NCAA QB and premier player. 

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