The Beard v. Hokie Haven

Mine and Matt’s fantasy teams are both currently 7-1.  As we head down the road, the big question that arises is who will win it all.  Right now, though, our teams are somehow even.

In this next section of the articel I will give you a head to head positional update on our two teams.  The Beard will come first, then those Hokies

C:  Victor Martinez v.  Alex Avila   Both Detroit Tigers, both with C eligibilty

1B:  Joey Votto v.  Gaby Sanchez   Both very good, young first basemen

2B:  Robinson Cano v. Dustin Pedroia   Pedroia originally was mine, but I traded him for Crawford whom I traded for Josh Hamilton

3B:  Ryan Roberts v. Placido Polanco   Two different kinds of players.  Polanco will give you runs and avg while Roberts is more of a slugger. 

SS:  Stephen Dres v.  Darwin Barney  Braney’s been a pleasnt surprise coming through for the Cubbies while Drew has had his ups and downs.

OF1:  Matt Holliday v.  Carlos Quentin
OF2:  Ryan Braun  v.  Jason Kubel
OF3:  Chris Young  v.  Brennan Boesch

My outfielders (plus the one UTIL guy who is an OF) I have deemed the heart of my team.  They stand for HR, RBI, Runs, SLG% etc.  I disregard SB and avg to an extent.  I don’t know what is up with Matt’s OF.  All three have great upside and are good players, but can not compare with the Fabulous, bearded four.

UTIL:  Josh Hamilton  v.  Andrew McCutchen   Hamilton gives you more avg, whhile McCutchen gives you more speed.  Also the fact that Hamilton is the AL MVP and not playing in Pittsburg helps me here too.

Our pitching is a whole nother adventure.

Matt likes to brag about his RP, while I clearly, easily have the best starters in our league. 

My Starters, Felix Hernandez, James Shields, Mat Latos, Jaime Garcia, Cliff Lee, Anibal Sanchez, and Yovani Gallardo.  All very good pitchers.  Once Latos gets his act together, I’ll have all potential aces.  I only have two relievers.  Brian THE BEARD!!!! Wilson  and Neftali Feliz.

His starters are:  Doc Halladay, Clayton Kershaw, Jorge De La Rosa, and Jhoulys Chacin.  His relievers are better than mine though.  Mariano, Kimbrel, Valverde, and Nunez. 

He also has Pablo Sandoval and Evan Longoria.  Sandoval’s on the DL.  My DL spot is, and has been for a while, Ryan Zimmerman

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