The Beauty of Minor League Baseball

The game of baseball has always been a way of bringing people together and giving them something to watch and enjoy. For years fans could go with their families and get some peanuts and cracker jacks and maybe even a program for the hardcore fan. At one point in time believe it or not you could get 5 tickets, food , drinks and souvenirs for a family of 5 at a price under $50. Now a days that kind of bargain is unheard of. Now try $200 to $300 for just the tickets and food and thats not even putting the price of parking into the equation.

Family at the Ballpark

Here is a little question for you to answer. Where can you go to a fantastic ball park , watch a great game with great fans for an affordable price ? The answer my friends in Minor League Baseball ! In my area , Rockland County NY everyone loves the game of baseball and goes to games frequently. Which is why an independent league team , The Rockland Boulders, have come to this baseball crazed area .Tonight (July 2nd , 2011) I went to my second Boulders game.

 I went with my boy Moze Nation and some other guys to watch the Boulders host the Newark Bears. We started the game along the 3rd base side of Provident Bank Ballpark but soon realized that we had to sit with the real fans in the best section of any ballpark!…. The Bleachers! We worked our way out there stopping for some hotdogs, sodas and some other ballpark favorites but once we got there we soon realized why Minor League baseball is so great. We were the only people in the section ! A whole section for 4 guys who are looking to kickoff their summer in an amazing fashion! We started chanting and banging and just flat-out having fun. Soon 4 more boys came over and joined us, followed by more people. By the 7th inning we had at least 30 people(including the usher) chanting and screaming for the Boulders players. We also got to know the outfielders quiet well (RF , Tommy Giles and CF, Sean Smith) getting them to dance and answer questions and even sign a few autographs.  We even did a rendition of the infamous “Rollcall” performed by the best baseball fans in history, The Bleacher Creatures ! (Only difference was that we referred to ourselves as the “Rockland Rockers”). As we chanted the players names 1 by 1 going around the field they all smiled and were very appreciative of the audience and attention that they were getting , despite making a fraction of what the pros are making.

Provident Bank Ballpark

Which is another HUGE reason that Minor League is so much more entertaining than Major League baseball. If we had done what we were doing in Provident Bank Ballpark at any big league stadium we would’ve been thrown out within 20 minutes of us entering. Not because we were swearing (Which we were not) but because we were interacting with the players and being slightly disruptive. At least 80% of major league players are jerks; It is a proven fact ! With these minor league guys who aren’t earning as much in salary , endorsements, or bonuses they are purely there to entertain and most of all have fun playing America’s pastime. 

Well there is my opinion ! Now I wanna hear yours ! By voting in our poll on which is more entertaining ? MLB or Minor League ?I am also interested in your comments or thoughts on the institution of Minor League Baseball!

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Minor League Baseball

  1. I have to admit that I usually watch the crowd more than the game when we go to baseball games. I would have loved watching y’all! Another fun part of minor league ball is you can often watch big time players before they hit the big time. We saw Jim Thome and Manny Ramirez when they played for the Charlotte Knights.

    • Yeah I guess that is another good reason !
      The Boulders being an independent league have older players who have fallen and young players who aren’t good enough yet for the farm systems

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