After almost TWO WHOLE DECADES of futility, the Pittsburgh Pirates are in FISRT PLACE!

To give them their “playoff push,” I would try to go out and give whatever I got for Astro’s All-Star Hunter Pence.  Putting him into the mix would really be something special especially considering the fact that if Pittsburgh can pull of a package deal inclding Brett Myers with him.  I really do think the Pirates would at LEAST make it to the NLCS.  I never knew that Cinderella was from Pittsburgh.

Hunter Pence

Another note, Jason Isringhausen, Mets’ closer, is pitching right now.  He just recorded three straight strikeouts of, get this, Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday, and Lance Berkman.  Mind you, this is his second inning of work.  It is right now 5-5 tied in the 10th between the Mets and the Cards.  A walk to David Freese puts the redbirds with a runner on first and Colby Rasmus at bat.  Back when I was a toddler, the Mets’ Big Three, Generation K, Izzy, Bill Pulsipher, and Paul Wilson, were the next big thing.  Now Pulsipher and Wilson are done, and Izzy is in his twilight.  But for a guy in twilight, he STILL gets the job done.  Jason is left; his number, 44 no longer his as it’s Jason Bay’s.  He closed the door and the Mets came to bat in the bottom of the tenth.

 “50 Biggest Fails in New York Mets History.” down there

Here’s the link, haters:  http://www.complexmag.com/sports/2011/04/the-50-biggest-fails-in-new-york-mets-history

So, check that out.  But back to the Game!

THE METS WON!!!!  6-5 A WALK OFF from Angel Pagan!!  right above the Pepsi Porch!  THE MEST WIN!  THE METS WIN! THEEEEEEEE METS WIN!!!  Courtesy to Michael Kay 🙂

Now, the Yankee game is I think over..  Yes, indeed, quite over. A 4-0 Win.  Good job Yanks.  You won’t catch Boston, sorry.

Just found that. ^^^^^^^^^^^  I thought it was funny.  THAT’S FOR YOU BOSTON

2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh…

  1. Well, I’m rooting for Phillies in memory of my dad, who passed away last December.

    I have to tell you that I thought of you the other day. My son sent me a text that he had just met Bud Foster. He was very impressed by how nice and how funny he is, and was surprised at how fit he is.

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