randy moss

Randy moss one of the greatest wide receivers of all time announced his retirement several days ago.  now the question is will he come back or does he mean that he is done for good?

Great players in all sports have a tendency to make comebacks after they have retired two of the most famous are Brett Favre we all know how that story goes. Also, Michael Jordan who retired the first time to play baseball then came back with the bulls then retired again then came back with the wizards.

But getting back to Randy Moss he has done some ridiculous things in his career such as screaming at his coaches and teammates mooning the fans at lambeau field or squirting water on a referee.  it would not surprise me if he did come back for a year or two, and it would also not surprise me if he has a great season if he comes back.

Look Its a Full Moon !!

Randy has had one of the best careers as a wide receiver ever.  he is second in touchdown catches only to Jerry Rice I mean a guy with 954 receptions  14858 career yards 15.6 yards per reception and 153 career TD catches.  despite his shenanigans he is a great player and i hope he comes back and does great. 

Either way best of luck to Randy Moss !

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