About Sports Haven

Hello and welcome to Matt Burrill’s Sports Haven! Here at Sports myself and other writers talk about popular Sports Topics. All of us here at Sports Haven are located on the East Coast so I will be the 1st to admit that we tend to write or talk about the East Coast especially the Northeast more than others.

I have been here for the longest hence the name “Matt Burrill’s Sports Haven” I 1st created Sports Haven when I was in 7th grade and it has really taken off with over 13,000 hits.All of us here are really liking the way that our small blog is headed.

The other guys who write with me are Mike Doddy, Andy Mosner (Moze Nation), Matt Basile and Matt Cummings (Stonecold Matt Austin )who each specialize in a certain category sports writing.

  • Moze Nation– Gives you a look into Fantasy Sports , Major League Baseball and makes his very large opinion’s known.
  • Mike Doddy– Talks NFL football with you and gives his insight as a season ticket holder for the NY football Giants.
  • Matt Basile – Is a basketball guy who brings March Madness and NBA topics to our site.
  • Stonecold Matt Austin-(Newest Blogger) Brings random and interesting topics to Sports Haven 


So for all of us at Sports Haven I hope you enjoy our site and we look forward to reading your comments.

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3 thoughts on “About Sports Haven

  1. Your mom and dad are great but they should be more responsible in allowing you to grow up a Yankee fan.
    Your brother understands and his favorite team reflects well on his family.

    Your site looks great and keep up the good work. Despite a very, very, slow start, the Red Sox will sweep this weekend’s series and start climbing up the division.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Pete I think that the Yanks take 2 outta 3 and really go on a tear while the sox brutal season continues to unravel right before their eyes

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