BCS Shakeup

Yesterday during Part 1 of the 2 weeks of “Rival Week” there were 4 great games. I went 2-2 in my picks but I still picked the upset of the year. Thats right I picked Nevada over Boise! My other correct pick was Nebraska’s win over longtime rival Colorado. The other games I took Pitt and Bama who both came close but just couldn’t get it in the end. And I still think that this BCS Shakeup is just beginning with (8)Ohio State hosting Michigan, (5)LSU going to (12)Arkansas and (13)Oklahoma taking on  (9)Okie State. Of those 3 match ups the highest chance of upset appears to be the Battle for the Golden Boot (LSU vs Arkansas)simply because of the Razorback offense and gunslinger QB Ryan Mallet and his ability to find the open receiver down field. Another reason especially in the SEC is the factor of home-field advantage with the game at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock where the 54,000 Arkansas faithful will be giving LSU all that they can handle. 


 My other game that I have a good pick for is my Hokies over the Wahoo’s who haven’t touched the Commonwealth Cup since 2003 (There only win vs Tech in the last 10 years). Another reason I want to keep an eye on this game (which will be available to those of you down in ACC Country on Raycom but for people up North like myself we must use ESPN3 or ACC Network online) is that it is Senior Day in Blacksburg and it will be Tyrod Taylor’s last run out to Enter Sandman and his last time touching the Hokie Stone. Because if this I expect a very motivated and productive Taylor in the Hokies win today! With the shakeups in the real BCS I have some changes to my rankings and I can now put some bowl projections out. I still have the top 3 as follows: 1. Oregon 2. Auburn 3.TCU then at 4-10 there are a few changes. 4 LSU 5. Wisconsin 6. Stanford 7. Ohio State 8. Oklahoma State 9. Michigan State and 10. Nebraska

Now here are my BCS Bowl Projections:

BCS Championship. : Oregon vs Auburn

Sugar Bowl: LSU vs Ohio State

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma State vs West Virginia

Rose Bowl:Stanford vs Wisconsin

Orange Bowl: TCU vs Virginia Tech