Conference Expansion a Good or Bad idea?

It seems as though every BCS Bowl season we get one or two teams that are portrayed as “The Little Guys”. In years past however these little guys have proven to be the biggest of competitors for the BCS National Championship Game. Yet we haven’t seen one of these mini powerhouses in a BCS Title game. Why is this so you ask ? It’s because of the Bush-League competition that they face each year in their conference schedule. Evidence of this problem can be found in teams like the Boise State Broncos and the TCU Horned Frogs who both are victims of the small and weak playing field that their conferences currently have to offer. But not only is conference expansion a solution to this problem but it is also a big deal from a financial stand point. For conferences such as the Big 10 and SEC a major profit could be earned from a possible expansion. For the Big 10 teams like Colorado , Nebraska and even Notre Dame may be open to becoming part of the greatest expansion that the College Football Universe has seen so far.Like the Big 10 the already super power of the NCAA Football world, the SEC may also get some big additions with powerhouse programs like Texas , Texas A&M and even the Oklahoma Sooners may come knocking on the SEC’s front gate for a chance to get almost a guaranteed BCS or high bowl bid. Below is a look at how the Division 1 NCAA Football Programs are currnetly categorized.


 So you have seen the benefits but like everything in this world there’s a bad side to this seemingly great idea for the NCAA. The problem being a monster destruction of conferences like the Big East and WAC Conferences. As you can see in the map above the Big East has control in all areas of the Eastern Coast ranging from UCONN to South Florida. But with teams like Louisville , West Virginia and Pittsburgh all in positions to upgrade their schools both athletically and Academically with the ACC calling it really wouldn’t surprise me to see another Big East breakup. The 1st Big East breakup was back in 2004 where my Virginia Tech Hokies and the once powerful Miami Hurricanes fresh of the National Title run packed their bags for the afore mention Atlantic Coast Conference. And then the Boston College Eagles followed in the footsteps of the Hokies and Canes who have both seen tremendous success since leaving the Big East. Not only would a shift in conferences impact a once powerhouse league in a negative way but it may also be the end of the WAC and Mountain West conferences having televised games with teams like Boise State , Utah , BYU , SDSU and even TCU possibly moving on to bigger and better conferences. What I see is a major addition to the PAC-10 who would get : SDSU, Boise State and either BYU or Utah depending on academics. For the Big-12 assuming that Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska and Colorado all leave I would imagine an addition of TCU, Houston and Utah.  I can’t yet predict the other conferences but when it’s all said and done as a die-hard NCAA Football fan I would love to see this kind off thing happen but at the same time I think that some conferences just need certain teams to well…Keep them relevant like Boise State to the WAC and the Big East with WVU and Louisville. I have put a poll up here asking for your thoughts on the debateable issue. So VOTE!!!!!! Until Next time I’m out like the should have been final out of Galarraga’s Perfect game!!!! (Way to go BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!)