2011 Preseason Haven Rankings

It’s almost here ! No not the NFL season or Baseball Playoffs , but the start of the 2011 NCAA Football 2011 season. This year on Sports Haven we will have a ranking system of our top 15 teams in the nation. These rankings will be updated every sunday once the season kicks off. Like all rankings The Haven Rankings will have a formula. We will base our rankings on a number of different aspects but here is our basic formula for finding our top 15 in the country.

Here’s our formula: 

Overall Record, Strength of Schedule, Point differential, and half of the USA Today and Coaches poll points factored together

This list will be competitive and tough to rank so if any of our readers think we’re completely wrong or completely agree with us just let us know by commenting or voting in our polls. 

Atop our poll at numero uno this year is a team that is in the top 5 every year but never quite gets there. There SOS (Strength of Schedule) is in the top 5 of teams on the list. They have maybe the best QB to WR combo in the country with a good defense to boot. The Preseason Number 1 team in the Haven Rankings in none other than Boomer Sooner; Oklahoma.



  1. Oklahoma Sooners–   827 pts    SOS Grade : A-  (@FSU, A&M, MIZZOU & @ OK STATE)
  2. LSU Tigers–  798 pts   SOS Grade : A – (Oregon,@Alabama, Florida & Auburn)
  3. Oregon Ducks– 755 pts SOS Grade: (LSU,@Stanford, USC & @ Arizona)
  4. Alabama Crimson Tide– 707 pts SOS Grade: B (LSU, @ Florida ,@ Ole Miss & @Auburn)
  5. Stanford Cardinal–  695 pts SOS Grade: C+ (Oregon, @ USC, California & Notre Dame)
  6. Oklahoma State Cowboys 675 pts SOS Grade:B- (Oklahoma, @ A&M, @ Texas & @ Mizzou)
  7. Boise State Broncos– 665 pts SOS Grade:  C – (TCU, @ Georgia, Nevada & @ Fresno State)
  8. Wisconsin Badgers– 645 pts SOS Grade:  B (Nebraska,@Ohio State, Penn State & @ Michigan State
  9. Texas A&M Aggies– 640 pts SOS Grade :B+ (@ Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Mizzou & Texas  )
  10. Florida State Seminoles– 635 pts SOS Grade: B-  (Oklahoma,@ Florida, @Clemson & Miami )
  11. South Carolina Gamecocks– 630 pts SOS Grade: B – (Florida, @ Arkansas, @ Georgia & Auburn
  12. Arkansas Razorbacks-629 pts  SOS Grade: B+ (@ LSU, @ Alabama, A&M , & South Carolina
  13. Nebraska Cornhuskers– 623 pts SOS Grade: B + (@ Wisconsin, @ Ohio State, @ Michigan & @ Penn State)
  14. Virginia Tech Hokies– 608 pts SOS Grade: C (Miami, UNC,@ Georgia Tech & Clemson)
  15. TCU Hornedfrogs– 593 pts SOS Grade: D + (@ Boise State,BYU,@SDSU & SMU)

The Analysis

 Oklahoma was a pretty easy choice at the top but after that was not as easy to grade , rank and score. Number 2 came down to LSU and Oregon ; Two very different teams with insane coaches and tremendous expectations in 2011…Guess I’ll just have to wait for Labor Day weekend when the Ducks and Tigers square off on primetime. The 4 through 7 slots were easy to fit in Bama,Stanford,OK State and Boise, but A&M and Wisconsin were close in schedule and points for the 8th slot. I picked Wisconsin based on the teams returning players, (Particularly on the offensive side of the ball.). I had to put FSU in somewhere so 10 felt like a good place… Then South Carolina just beat Arkansas for the 11th spot in our poll.Nebraska has a tough 1st year schedule wise in the Big 10 with trips to “The Big House”, “Happy Valley” , “The Horseshoe” and to top it off a visit to Camp Randall in Madison,WI…After the Cornhuskers are the Hokies who have been plagued with injuries in camp but still have a solid team intact from a season ago. And rounding out my top 15 preseason teams in TCU who is without a veteran QB and playing an AWFUL schedule that features only 1 Quality opponent (Boise).

Our  next poll will be on Monday: 9/5/11… we’ll address the 1st weekend of NCAA Football action and maybe have some shakeups atop the leaderboard.

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Bowl picks week 2

Week 1 of the bowl season was as expected… NOT EXCITING. Even though I went 3-0 in my picks for week 1 I still am not satisfied with the 3 games.I am not the only one who didn’t approve of the games so far. The few people who attended these appetizer type bowls probably wasted a good 20 bucks? If that… Either way that is the past we’ve got a week full of games coming up and I am looking forward to these matchups. Matchups featuring teams like Boise State, Hawaii and Navy who have all played well up until this point. My favorite matchup of the 4 games of Christmas week is the battle between two BCS Busters in the past, Utah vs Boise State. This game is actually one of the better games with both Boise and Utah ranked in the top 20 with weapons like QB Kellen Moore for Boise and Jordan Wynn for the Utes. Now let’s get down to business… The 1st game of this week is the Beef O’ Brady St.Petersburg Bowl. This game will feature the Golden Eagles of Southern Miss (C-USA) and the Louisville Cardinals (Big East). The Golden Eagles have a good offense that is ranked 15th in the nation for points scored (37.1). Like their opponents the Cardinals are ranked 15th in a category… Points allowed. The Cardinals are allowing 18 pts a game and will look to keep up the good trend against their explosive opponents. This game intrigues me because of the opposing forces of the Southern Miss offense and the Louisville Defense who are both ranked high in categories that go against each other. The second game of the week is the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl between Boise State (WAC) and Utah (MWC). This is an awesome matchup between two ranked teams that were 1 or 2 mins away from playing in a BCS Bowl. For the Broncos of Boise, QB Kellen Moore had the season that was expected (3500 yards passing,39 TDs and 71% of his passes being completed) only problem is instead of playing on January 10th they’re playing on December 22nd in VEGAS!! For Utah it was a year full of disappointment with a loss to (3) TCU and an upset to Notre Dame. Regardless Utah will have a chance to prove themselves against a good opponent.  Boise will come out on all cylinders to show that they are better than the MAACO Bowl and belong in Arizona. Kellen Moore will also be trying to bring up his draft stock for the next level. The 3rd game this week is the San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl . This game features Navy (Independent) and San Diego State (MWC). It will obviously be a home field advantage for the Aztecs who had a good year by their standards (8-4). The Midshipmen who run a hard nose triple option offense led by QB Ricky Dobbs who leads the team in both passing and rushing. This game will be decided by how San Diego State responds to the triple-option of Navy. If they can’t slow Navy down SDSU will have little to no shot in this one. The 4th and final game of this week is the annual “Christmas Eve” Bowl or better known as the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl.  Like every year the Hawaii Warriors (WAC) will be participating in their own bowl. Taking the 14 hour plane ride out to Honolulu are the Golden Hurricane of Tulsa (C-USA). The Hurricane will be taking an offense that averages 40 points a game with them in hopes of capturing a victory for C-USA who is well represented this bowl season. As far as the Warriors are concerned they will look to pass early and often with their 1st ranked passing offense. Led by QB Bryant Moniz who has thrown for 4600 yards and 36 TD’ s. The key for this one is very easy to explain… STOP HAWAII’s passing attack or the Hurricane will be receive a Christmas Day beatdown in Honolulu.                       



 BEEF O’ BRADY ST.PETERSBURG BOWL : Southern Miss vs Louisville (12/21 @ 8:00 PM) SOUTHERN MISS

MAACO LAS VEGAS BOWL: Boise State vs Utah (12/22@ 8:00 PM)  BOISE STATE

San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl: Navy vs San Diego State (12/23@ 8:00 PM) NAVY

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl:Hawaii vs Tulsa (12/24 @ 8:00 PM) HAWAII


Bryant Moniz QB Hawaii


BCS Shakeup

Yesterday during Part 1 of the 2 weeks of “Rival Week” there were 4 great games. I went 2-2 in my picks but I still picked the upset of the year. Thats right I picked Nevada over Boise! My other correct pick was Nebraska’s win over longtime rival Colorado. The other games I took Pitt and Bama who both came close but just couldn’t get it in the end. And I still think that this BCS Shakeup is just beginning with (8)Ohio State hosting Michigan, (5)LSU going to (12)Arkansas and (13)Oklahoma taking on  (9)Okie State. Of those 3 match ups the highest chance of upset appears to be the Battle for the Golden Boot (LSU vs Arkansas)simply because of the Razorback offense and gunslinger QB Ryan Mallet and his ability to find the open receiver down field. Another reason especially in the SEC is the factor of home-field advantage with the game at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock where the 54,000 Arkansas faithful will be giving LSU all that they can handle. 


 My other game that I have a good pick for is my Hokies over the Wahoo’s who haven’t touched the Commonwealth Cup since 2003 (There only win vs Tech in the last 10 years). Another reason I want to keep an eye on this game (which will be available to those of you down in ACC Country on Raycom but for people up North like myself we must use ESPN3 or ACC Network online) is that it is Senior Day in Blacksburg and it will be Tyrod Taylor’s last run out to Enter Sandman and his last time touching the Hokie Stone. Because if this I expect a very motivated and productive Taylor in the Hokies win today! With the shakeups in the real BCS I have some changes to my rankings and I can now put some bowl projections out. I still have the top 3 as follows: 1. Oregon 2. Auburn 3.TCU then at 4-10 there are a few changes. 4 LSU 5. Wisconsin 6. Stanford 7. Ohio State 8. Oklahoma State 9. Michigan State and 10. Nebraska

Now here are my BCS Bowl Projections:

BCS Championship. : Oregon vs Auburn

Sugar Bowl: LSU vs Ohio State

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma State vs West Virginia

Rose Bowl:Stanford vs Wisconsin

Orange Bowl: TCU vs Virginia Tech