Super Bowl Coming to the Big Apple!

When you think of the game of football what comes to mind? For me as a High School Football player who lives in New York football means hitting the guy wearing the other jersey as hard as you possibly can and making him taste the grass or dirt that you are playing on. I also think that football is a sport that is meant to be played in a cold hardcore environment, not some tropical fun land where you’re dying of heat and exhaustion! Now for the 1st time ever the NFL gets it and is finally making their most watched event their best one. Sure you won’t have the rich and famous attending but to tell you the truth WHO CARES!!! This game is not about who is in attendance it’s about the two teams that are on the field of play giving it there all for a place in NFL history. Also the people who really do care about the game will still show up because they are true fans. This will all not take place until 2014 which is Super Bowl XLVIII or for those of you who can’t read Roman Numerals Suber Bowl 48. Overall I do like this switch in the location because it will be football played in Football weather which I view as a big plus since it will bring back the attitude of true football to its biggest game. And who knows maybe one of the two NY Teams may be playing in the game!!! Boy Oh Boy I can’t wait for 2014!!!!! 

Home of Super Bowl 48