Carmelo comes home

It has finally happened…. Brooklyn native and NBA superstar, Carmelo Anthony has completed his cycle in professional basketball. When Anthony was 8 years old he moved to inner city Baltimore where he set all kinds of records at his 1st of 2 high schools, Towson Catholic. At Towson he averaged 14 points , 5 rebounds , 4 assists and 2 steals a game in his SOPHOMORE year. He ended his career at Towson after his junior year when he nearly doubled his stats in the scoring and rebounding  categories (23 pts and 10.3 rbs ) he was also named the Baltimore County player of the year, All Metropolitan player of the year , and  Baltimore Catholic League player of the year. Because of all the publicity Melo began hearing calls for him to skip college and go straight to the pros. Despite the talks of Melo going in to the NBA early he stayed in school and finished up his senior year at Oak Hill Academy in Virginia. Anthony attracted even more attention from the pro scouts averaging over 25 pts a game and leading his local AAU team to a tournament in Las Vegas where he played against fellow Knick Amar’e Stoudemire .

 Following his year in High School Carmelo decided to attend Syracuse University where he won the greatest award possible in college… a NCAA Tournament Championship in 2003 and claiming MVP honors. In college Melo had 22.1 ppg and 10.1 boards and showed everyone what he could do on the next level. Because of this Anthony declared himself eligible for the 2003 NBA draft after just one season with the Orange. In the draft Carmelo Anthony was selected 3rd overall by the Denver Nuggets behind LeBron James (Cavs) and Darko Milicic (Pistons).

Melo at Syracuse

    Just like in High School and College Anthony wasted no time establishing himself as a Superstar. Melo averaged 21 ppg and received all rookie 1st team honors in is 1st full year. After that Melo became an immediate big name, franchise changing kind of guy.  Averaging over 20 ppg in each of his 7 season and has made the playoffs every year aswell. But not only has Carmelo been all about show and that kind of thing, he has also been a major voice in the club house and had a desire and some valuable experience of winning, which is something that has been desperately needed in the Empire State for years.

      Now with this trade that sends Carmelo ,(Point Guard) Chauncey Billups ,(Forward) Sheldon Williams , (Guard)Anthony Carter and (Forward)Renaldo Balkman to the Knicks from the Nuggets. In return the Knicks are sending a massive group of guys including 3 of their 5 starters. Headlined by (Point Guard) Raymond Felton, (Small Forwards) Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallianari and (Center) Timofey Mozgov. There is also a third-party…. the Minnesota Timberwolves who are acquiring big men Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry from the Knicks in exchange (Guard) Corey Brewer who will contribute a lot off of the bench for the Knicks. The Nuggets will attempt to replace the pieces that they are giving up with the 3 draft picks that they are receiving in this deal from the Knicks and the T-Wolves (2014 1st round , 2012 2nd round and 2013 2nd round pick). 

   Honestly as a Knicks fan I love this move because you get two key pieces (Anthony and Billups) who along with Stoudemire and Landry Fields can compete against the Celtics,Heat and Bulls for the Eastern Conference. However for the 1st week or so it wouldn’t surprise me to see something similar to what happened earlier this year in Miami with LeBron, D-wade and Chris Bosh. Miami started out the year with almost no chemistry but look at them now… They are practically unbeatable.  But not only was this trade done for winning now but also down the road with the monster free agent class in 2012 that includes superstars like (Guards) Chris Paul, Deron Williams and (Center) Dwight Howard who could maybe end up here in NY to complement Fields,Anthony and Stoudemire and form arguable the best team in the NBA. I can see the Knicks bringing NY back to the Basketball capital of the world that it once was. Especially with St.Johns being ranked in the top 25 for the 1st time since 2002 and making a push for a long tournament run. 

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New York Giants Offseason

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t got a post done in a while.  I have been really busy with school and sports.  Anyway, I wanted to talk about the New York Giants season and some offseason moves they should make before the draft as well as the draft.

The Giants season can be described in one word, turnovers.  The Giants led the league in turnovers with 42 yet finished 10-6 just missing the playoffs.  Eli Manning was the one to blame for most of them with 25 interceptions and multiple fumbles.  Imagine if this team didn’t kill themselves with these turnovers.  They could have easily been a 12-4 team with a bye in the playoffs.  Here are some offseason moves and acquisitions the New York Football Giants should make to become a more complete football team.  First off the Giants should get rid of their own trouble in the locker room by trading away RB Brandon Jacobs.  Even though Jacobs was a loud-mouth and a baby about his playing time in New York, trading him away would make the leadership role even worse for the team because he was the one to pump his team up before the games.  Back on topic, Jacobs most likely destination would be the Detroit Lions who need a power back to complement Jahvid Best.  Big Blue would probably only receive back a 3rd or 4th round pick in this years up coming draft but that could be used to draft a solid lineman.   The only free agent I would love the Giants to pick up on is Leon Washington.  Big Blue’s special teams was dreadful this year and Leon would be a huge improvement.  I also believe he would be perfect is because he has the experience that all the returners on the Giants don’t have.  Will Blackmon and Darius Reynaud were terrible and anyone would be an upgrade over them.

Next I would like to talk about the players Jerry Reese should be eyeing down in the draft.  I know it’s still early but here are some players I would love the Giants to draft in the first 3 rounds

1st Round- Mike Pouncey ——- He would be an immediate help for the Giants line that is getting old and banged up.  Also both the starting center and guards are coming off majors surgery which means this would add depth to these positions.

2nd Round- Ryan Williams—— If the Jacobs trade goes through, Williams would split carries with Bradshaw because both of them are not every down backs.  His speed and size would definitely help complement Bradshaw and help get the Giants back to that hard nosed, running the football team.

3rd Round- Casey Matthews—– I know Casey is not the same player as his brother but sure is he good.  His whole family has succeded in the NFL so why not him next?  Casey would compete with Clint Sintim and Keith Bulluck for a starting spot in a very weak linebacker corp.

I will be back in a couple weeks with a better evaluation on the draft.  Enjoy

Jerry Reese

Jerry Reese