Hockey Purists Pumped for Original 6 Cup!


When you think of professional hockey there are 6 teams that come to mind. The Original Six…. Teams include: New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens , Detroit Redwings , Chicago Blackhawks and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Blackhawks have already punched their ticket to represent the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup Finals  hoping for their first championship since 1961. Damn that’s a long stretch but I have a feeling it will come to an end with the play of young star Patrick Kane and a good team around him. Over here on the east side of town there are two other NHL Originals battling for a trip to Chicago. Montreal who for those of you that like me don’t watch that much hockey are like the New York Yankees or Pittsburgh Steelers as far as hockey prestige goes. The Canadiens have won an incredible 24 Stanley Cups in their special history. The Canadiens are currently trailing the Philadelphia Flyers who were not part of the Original 6 Teams in Hockey but were one of the 1st expansion franchise’s or part of the Original 8. Montreal has had outstanding goal tending throughout the regular season and now in the playoff’s from Jaroslav Halak who had a .924 save % which is amazing. On the flip side the Philadelphia Flyers made NHL History by coming back after trailing 3 games to none against the Boston Bruins in the Eastern Semis. Now the Flyers have stayed hot led by Danny Briere who has scored 9 times in the 2010 playoffs. My pick is the Flyers just because of how well they are playing and how much momentum they have swaying their way. Game 5 is on Versus at 7 PM in the city of brotherly love. So check it out!!!!!    

Can Briere and the Flyers close it out????