Boston Masscare 2010

This weekend has been talked about for quiet some time now…. Yeah it was going to be the Nations climb towards redemption with a sweep of their hated rivals The Yankees. Well that flat-out hasn’t happened!! The Sawx have lived up to their reputation of having a brutal pitching staff with 24 earned runs in 2 games and only have scored 6 runs against the Bombers who are clicking at the right time….(What else is new!!!) Anyway I am not here to be a bias fan, I am here to say facts that many people will not like or approve of but all I have to say is “The Proofs in da pudding” or have you seen the last two games!! What is really different about the Red Sox is that they are missing Ellsbury who is usually electrifying has been injured and has left a gaping hole in front of “DA Monster”  leaving a weak Bill Hall or average Jeremy Hermida out there. Also their staff is just lets face it… TERRIBLE!!! With Beckett having a control problem, Lester not going the distance and Dice-K and Wakefield Forget about it they’re both scrubs who don’t deserve to be on an American League team. Maybe they could survive in the weaker NL but since the highly not hitable yet extremely overrated “Gyro Ball” has stopped its effectiveness Dice-K has been trash or rubbish as the Nation refers to him. And Wakefield just doesn’t look comfortable or content with what Sox manager Terry Francona and Pitching Coach John Farrell want him to do.

Not So Big papi

Unfortunately for the Sox the upcoming schedule is not friendly to them with Toronto coming into Bean Town to battle for 3rd place in the division then they travel to Detroit to battle Johnny Damon and the Tigers. And if that’s not bad enough they will have 2 games at the Stadium with the Yankees who are currently on a 6 game tear of power and production from unlikely sources. Sources like Fransisco Cervelli, Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner??? Yes all three of these pieces to the puzzle if you will are hitting over .300 and have 15 RBI’s a piece. And the pitching of Phil Hughes, A.J. Burnett and C.C. Sabathia certainly doesn’t hurt the cause either with all 3 being 100% dominant the Yanks have everything clicking at just the right time. Although things don’t look good up Boston I still ain’t counting them out yet as much as I wish I could but they have to good and to experienced of a ball club to not make a run at the Yanks and Rays and it is also a 162 game season so there’s plenty of time to play catch up. Until next time I’m out like Big Tex’s 3 dingers today!!!!!


The greatest rivalries in all of sports

Well when you ask the question “What do you think of that rivalry” the immediate response that you will get is “Which one?.” Over the years many rivalries have been born. I am gonna tell you all my top 10 greatest rivalries of all time. The reason that I am only doing 10 is because I have a lot of homework to get done and because the list could go on forever. so I will start out with number  10 on my list.

10. Duke Bluedevils vs UNC Tarheels

This rivalry is always a great game to watch. I think whats so great about this rivalry is that its broadcasted all around the nation. Also many people who don’t even like either one of these two schools will still tune in and watch it.

Series lead Duke 128-97

9.New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts

This game is always a tough matchup for both teams. The reason this has become such a big rivalry is that the two best QB’s in the NFL are playing against each other. Also in the last 7 years this seem to always be the AFC championship game. I don’t like either one of these teams and I’ll still end up on the couch with a bowl of chips watching it.

Series lead Patriots 44-27

8.New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles

This game might not be up there in many peoples rivalry list,but being a Giants fan I always sit on the couch to watch this game. What I think is so great about this rivalry is that every time they play there is always a brawl on the field. They play and hit each other much harder when the other one comes into their house.

Series lead Giants 80-68-2

7.Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

Another NFL rivalry this one goes way back. The city of “Cheese vs the city of “Wind” always a fun one to see. I think that now the Bears will have a chance to dominate the rivalry because now they don’t have to deal with Brett Favre . Also this is alwys a hard hitting and trash talking fiesta for players on both teams.

Series lead Chicago 90-79-6

6.Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics

This rivalry was born and dead about 13 or 14 years before I was even born. All I remember hearing about was the battle between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Also that they squared off in almost every single NBA championship during the 80’s. Now still both teams are dominate with Kobe for the Lakers and “The Boston three party” for the Celtics.

Series lead  Celtics 8-5

5. Pittsburgh Panthers vs West Virginia Mountaineers

This rivalry known as the “Backyard Brawl” for a reason. In this rivalry you’ll almost always see a good game. Also in the 07 edition of the rivalry Pittsburgh upset West Virginia and took away their National championship hopes. This rivalry like most NCAA sports this rivalry takes place in almost every sport.

4.St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs

This rivalry is one that the fans and the players of each of these teams cares about a lot. I went to Wrigley Field once. There was a guy there who was wearing a Cardinals jersey and a hat with the logo on it. He was literally put through Hell !!! The security people even gave him a hard time. The Yankees were playing there at the time. but it just goes to show you there is bloody hate in sports.

Series lead Cubs 1137-1702 – ?

3. San Fransisco (NY) Giants vs Los Angeles (Brooklyn) Dodgers

This rivalry dates back to when the Dodgers were known as the “Dem Bums” and the Giants were playing in the Polo Grounds. Now as you all know both teams are out in California. There is always a lot of talk from the old days like Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays,Bob Thompson, and Pewee Reese. Any way that you look at it is probably the 2nd greatest MLB rivalry of all time.

Series lead Giants 1146-1123-17

2. Ohio State Buckeyes vs Michigan Wolverines

This rivalry is one of my all time favorite rivalries. I am not a fan of either one of these universities  but I always love to watch it anyway. The thing that makes this rivalry so great is that these are two of the most historic football programs out there.There always seems to be a Heisman trophy candidate on both of there rosters. Also the commercials on ESPN are hilarious when the guy jumps out of the car. Either way I still love the rivalry.

And the #1 Rivalry is the……….

1. New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox Yankess vs Red Sox

This rivalry is one that will make friends and foes. The big one, the game that makes you just wanna rip the opposing teams fan’s head off. This is by far the Number 1 rivalry in my mind and many other New Yorkers along with the Bastard Bostonians. I have a friend named Colin and we have been best friends since kindergarten. We are almost exactly alike but he is a “Die Heart” Boston fan. So that is like the match that sets the whole friggen “bomb off”.All I have to say to get him to shut up is”26 -7″ that is it. I’ll admit it that the Sox have been on a rule for quite some time now but I have a feeling that pretty soon I’ll be saying to him”277

Hey you guy’s tell me what you guys think of my list. Also tell me if you all hated it and if you loved. If you hated it explain yourself  and who you think is the real Greatest Rivalry of all time.