Maybin a Good Move

The Florida Marlins and San Diego Padres have worked out a deal involving Cameron Maybin, Ryan Webb, and Edward Mujica.  This trade send over Maybin, who is in my opinion, a fourth outfielder anywhere he goes, IF THAT.  and two relievers that the Marlins think will help him in 2011.

I am unable to see any value in Maybin.  The only good he did for any club was when the tigers sent him away in the Miguel Cabrera, Dontrelle Willis deal.  Although Willis probably would have been better served staying in the National League, the tigers got the right end of the stick there. 

As for Webb and Mujica,  I see where the Padres are coming from here.  They don’t lose the last three innings of the game for them and they get a “centerfielder.”  The Padres’ pitching coach said of Webb that he could become a future closer….That’s great.  With Heath Bell to look up to in San Diego and now Leo Nunez to look up to in Florida, I must say I don’t think that will become a reality anytime soon.

Spekaing of Heath Bell, the ex-Met turned good.  (GOOD GOD! ISN’T THAT THE CASE ALWAYS)  That back end of the Padres ‘pen is the best in baseball.  Individually, Bell, Adams, and Gergerson are not the best 7th, 8th, and 9th inning guys.  But when you put them together, they sure make one helluva wall to climb for teams looking up at the Friars late in ballgames.

If some of you peope are wondering why I say that is because that I think that the best 7th inning guy(he can be 8th inning too) in baseball is Pedro Fleiciano.  I think the best closer is Billy Wagner.  Hmmmmm EX-MET TURNED GOOD!  Are we seeing a trend here?  I sure do think so. 

Then there are cases of the Mets giving up talent, then getting it back when the talent isn’t gonna be hitting in Shea Stadium anymore.  Those walls are far out of the reach of Jason Bay’s bat.  He homered in 4 games last season.  that was IT!  Two games with two homers and two games with a bomb a pop.  WE HAD HIM!!!!!  traded him and then he went on to a career worth a big contract in Fenway Park with his buddy the Green Monster.

I understand that Jason Bay did have a season shortened by concussions, but let me tell you that when I drafted him in the 7th round of my fantasy draft and THAT was the season he gave me, I nearly threw my computer in the trash.  However, I do hope to see Bay make a name for his 120-something million dollar contract in 2011.

End of April Standings

Here are the MLB standings for the end of April/beginning of May.


1-Tamp Bay Rays(17-7),  2-New York Yankees(15-8),  3-Toronto Blue Jays(12-13),  4-Boston Redsox(11-13),  5-Baltimore Orioles(6-18)


1-Minnesota Twins(15-9),  2-Detroit Tigers(15-8),  3-Cleveland Indians(10-13),  4-Chicago Whitesox(10-14),  5-Kansas City Royals(10-14)


1-Oakland Athletics(13-12), 2-Texas Rangers(12-12),  3-Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim(12-13),  4-Seattle Mariners(11-13)


1-New York Mets(14-10),  2-Philladelphia Phillies(13-10),  3-Washington Nationals(13-11),  4-Florida Marlins(12-12),  5-Atlanta Braves(10-14)


1-St. Louis Cardinals(16-8),  2-Cincninnati Reds(12-12), 3-Chicago Cubs(12-13), 4-Milwaukee Brewers(10-14),  5-Pittsburgh Pirates(10-14), 6-Houston Astros(8-15)


1-San Diego Padres(15-9),  2-San Francisco Giants(14-9),  3-Arizona Diamondbacks(11-13),  4-Colorado Rockies(11-13),  5- Los Angeles Dodgers(10-14)

There are your 2010 stats after one month of play.  Some surprising things going on here:

  • Boston is in FOURTH
  • The Padres are atop their division with the Bums being in last place
  • Cincinnati is in second place with a .500 WP
  • The Oakland A’s are have switched spots with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim atop the AL West

Game of the Day May 1st

Here is the game of the day and the other notable mentions.

Game of the Day 

Milwaukee Brewers-San Diego Padres-1

This game was all about the brewer’s ace, Yovani Gallardo.  On the mound, he pitched seven great innings.  Allowing only one run on an RBI single from Adrian Gonzalez is nothing to shake a stick at.  He also happened to strike out 11 Padres!  Those eleven strikeouts bring him to 40 total on the season.  His K/9 innings is at 10.0.  He also helped his own cause in a big way off of San Diego’s Mat Latos lining his fifth career homerun into the lower tier in left field, a Milwaukee RECORD for pitchers.  It’s a good thing he homered too, because the only other help he got was another solo shot from Rickie Weeks.  After coming out of the game with 121 pitches, LaTroy Hawkins pitched a shutout inning, which was followed by Ol’ Trevor Hoffman recording his fourth save of the season striking out one in a perfect ninth.

**Just very quickly I would like to say how much I hate that pitchers arent “able” to throw more than around 120 pitches anymore.  I being 15, have never seen a game like Nolan Ryan’s in 1974, where he threw 259 pitches.  Mind you that was a twelve inning game, but still that means that through nine, he must have thrown NEAR 200.  Its unfortunate that in today’s game, you have to be a knuckleballer to be even considered to throw 150+ pitches.**

Notable Mentions

Andruw Jones hit two homeruns today for the Chisox bringing his total up to 8 on the year.  As a note, Javy Vazquez is now 1-4 for the Bombers with an ERA over nine.  He went three recording only 4 punchouts today.

Doc Halladay threw another complete game, giving him a MLB leading 2 on the year, shutout recording only six strikeouts.  The Phillies had a six-run fourth off of Big Pelf.  Jason Werth 1, Juan Castro 2, and Shane Victorino 3 all had RBI’s in that inning.  Victorino’s a three-run dinger scoring Ruiz and Doc. 

Johnny Damon hit a walk off homerun against Scot Shields to win the game for his new club, the Detroit Tigers.  Also Scott Kazmir threw 6 innings acquiring seven K’s.

Alberto Callaspo hit a two RBI doucle in the top of the eleventh for the Royals.  Joakim Soria recorded the save in the bottom half striking out three consecutive batters after walking the first two to face him.