Rockin Rays

Usually when you think of the AL East division you think of the Yankees and the Red Sox right.. But now most of that has changed the Sox are still up there @ a 1/2 game back but the Tampa Bay Rays are in 1st place. The Rays are an expansion team who came in to the league in 1998 as the Devil Rays. Up until this Year the Rays have not had a single winning season. But now the Rays have come from a practice squad to a 3 headed monster. Those 3 weapons that they posses are Speed, Hitting to the gaps and, A tough pitching rotation.Almost all of the Rays roster is rookies or 2nd-4th year players. Players such as the Speedy Carl Crawford , B.J. Upton and, their top prospect Evan Longoria. The Rays have unlike Tampa Bay stats such as a 2.34 team ERA , a 2.71 BA and 88 SB. Last year these numbers wouldn’t even be in the minds of the Rays and the rest of baseball. This week the Rays are squaring off against the newly rivaled Red Sox. I m using the term newly rivaled with the Sox because the last game that they played resulted in Coco Crisp charging the mound after being hit by a 89 mph fastball by James Shields of the Rays. Last week Sox closer Johnathon Papalbon told ESPN that” We haven’t gotten over this yet revenge is in are minds.” That if you ask me sounds like fighting words so we’ll have to see how that turns out.rays My main point in this post is to inform both Yankee and Red Sox fans that the Rays are on the rise and I personally do not see them slowing down any time soon.