“From Worst to 1st” : The Cliff Lee Saga

At 12:30 today I was very excited…. For what you ask? Well of course I am talking about the possibility of the New York Yankees trading key catching prospect Jesus Montero and others for 2008 CY Young award winner Cliff Lee. Lee who had an amazing season last year with the Philadelphia Phillies is repeating his summer success with the Seattle Mariners and will now be saying hello to George W. Bush and the 1st place Texas Rangers. The Rangers who have been built into a slugging powerhouse by Texan Nolan Ryan have made moves like bringing All-Star catcher Bengie Molina to the Big Red State from San Fran and have young aces like C.J Wilson and Colby Lewis who both have ERA’s in 3.30 range and winning records both are also age 30 or below. But the big story about this is that the once terrible Rangers have moved from contenders to serious contenders who can challenge the powerhouses from the East for the American League Pennant. The Rangers also posses hitters swinging big sticks like once number 1 overall pick Josh Hamilton and veterans like Bengie Molina behind the plate and Vlad “The Bad” Guerrero at the DH spot. To tell you the truth as a member of Yankees Universe I fear the Rangers because they have all the assets of a killer team. Good Starters, Powerful and disciplined hitters and finally a young fiery bullpen anchored by Nafteli Feliz who currently has 23 saves under his belt. And now you add Cliff Lee to the mixture that’s like adding gasoline to a bon-fire literally this team will burn out any team in its path.

Cliff Lee

Another point that I would like to make is that this is not the 1st time that Cliff Lee has traveled from a worst to 1st place team. Back at the deadline last season Cliff Lee was dealt from the Cleveland Indians to the Phillies who then shipped the All-Star to the rainy Seattle tundra and became a part of the worst place team and is now in maybe the best situation for him. I do predict that Lee will go the Free Agent route and as I said in a comment that I left on Andy’s most recent post. Lee will be a part of a free agent class that will include Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth who I suspect will all join the universe and put on the pinstripes and win a title with the greatest team in all of sports. Anyway that’s all I’ve got for you guys tonight. For those of you that read us off of Facebook I thank you all and for all you regulars keep on coming !!