You Can Put it On the Board… YES !

July Fourth, WHAT A GREAT DAY FOR SOME BASEBALL!  As I sit here and watch the Cleveland Indians come back against the EVIL Empire, New York Yankees, I start to think.  I love baseball so much.  Today has been an exciting day of Independence Day baseball!

The Washington Nationals host the Chicago Cubs:

This game was won in ten by the Nats.  They were up 2-1 until an outburst by the Cubbies.  The score went back and forth until the bottom of the tenth.  it was tied 4-4.  Jayson Werth led off with a walk, advanced to second, stole third, then scored the winning run on a passed ball by one of the WORST closers in the game, Carlos Marmol.  This coming from a man whose teams’ closer is earning Mariano weight in gold, but pitching like someone who was charged with assault on his father-in-law, not mentioning names, Francisco Rodriguez…

Jayson Werth

The Yankees Game:  at Progressive Field, against the hometown Indians

Josh Tomlin, Indians Starter had a no-hitter working into the seventh inning when it got broken up by a single into center field by first baseman, Mark Teixeira.  It was followed by a weird roller off Robinson Cano’s bat and then a two RBI double by my favorite position player, NICK SWISHER!!!  The Score was then 2-0 Empire.

Swisher Salute !!

In the bottom of the seventh, AJ Burnett was still in the game.  AJ BLEW IT  he let up for runs.  So, 4-2 Tribe.  As a side note, the four runs were all earned.  Shelly Duncan and Austin Kearns, two former Yankees, got those RBI’ s  Kearns’ three were from a homerun to right.

Shelly Duncan (NYY Edition )

Shelly Duncan (Tribe Edition )



Curtis Granderson hit a solo shot in the eighth, 4-3 Tribe.  But, the Yanks crept closer.  THe score remained the same until Carlos Santana hit a BOMB to deep left to give Cleveland a 6-3 lead.


And then Indians All-Star closer, Chris Perez closed it out for the win!

End of April Standings

Here are the MLB standings for the end of April/beginning of May.


1-Tamp Bay Rays(17-7),  2-New York Yankees(15-8),  3-Toronto Blue Jays(12-13),  4-Boston Redsox(11-13),  5-Baltimore Orioles(6-18)


1-Minnesota Twins(15-9),  2-Detroit Tigers(15-8),  3-Cleveland Indians(10-13),  4-Chicago Whitesox(10-14),  5-Kansas City Royals(10-14)


1-Oakland Athletics(13-12), 2-Texas Rangers(12-12),  3-Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim(12-13),  4-Seattle Mariners(11-13)


1-New York Mets(14-10),  2-Philladelphia Phillies(13-10),  3-Washington Nationals(13-11),  4-Florida Marlins(12-12),  5-Atlanta Braves(10-14)


1-St. Louis Cardinals(16-8),  2-Cincninnati Reds(12-12), 3-Chicago Cubs(12-13), 4-Milwaukee Brewers(10-14),  5-Pittsburgh Pirates(10-14), 6-Houston Astros(8-15)


1-San Diego Padres(15-9),  2-San Francisco Giants(14-9),  3-Arizona Diamondbacks(11-13),  4-Colorado Rockies(11-13),  5- Los Angeles Dodgers(10-14)

There are your 2010 stats after one month of play.  Some surprising things going on here:

  • Boston is in FOURTH
  • The Padres are atop their division with the Bums being in last place
  • Cincinnati is in second place with a .500 WP
  • The Oakland A’s are have switched spots with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim atop the AL West

Bryce Harper

How many of you have heard of THIS guy!?  For those of you in the majority, who havent heard of him, let me tell you something.  Bryce Haprer is in the highschool class of 2011.  Which means, that he is absolutley nothing of a major leaguer YET.  He stands at 6′ 3″ 205 pounds.  He’s a catcher by position.  his bat speed is faster than Mark McGuire’s during his prime.  He has scored on wild pitches from second base SIX times.  FROM SECOND BASE!!!  He once hit a ball that measured 570, that’s right 570 feet.  He hit another homerun in Tropicana field that hit the back of the dome.  As a defensive catcher, he can throw oout batters from his knees.  This young superstar is (as close to being) a can’t miss prospect (as you can get). 

Now he will hopefully be entering the draft in time for the 2011 season.  of course, He SHOULD be the first overall player.  The best part, for all you Yankees fans, is that assuming that the Washington Nationals finish dead last in the majors again, the New York Yankees will get the number one overall pick in the 2011.  Jorge Posada, 38, could very, VERY well lose his job to this young guy.  After all, thats just what the yankees needed, ANOTHER superstar.